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11/28/2021 c11 2JBarkerStarGazer
this is the first story that had me cheering for Virgil and Brains. It's not normally a ship I can see happening but in this it fit.
5/27/2021 c1 138MusicalTB2
Sorry I tried it and it’s so well done but I can’t ship Virgil and Hiram. Virgil’s not gay but he’s the most common to be gay in fanficsIt’s always VirgilAnyway great idea on repeating and who doesn’t like a bit of Scayo.
10/29/2020 c11 139Stormyskies89
I can't believe I didn't see this update! But FINALLY the days are not repeating! I like the mention of fanfiction and the characters being used for our own enjoyment! Well done, so well done! I love the Vrains pairing, it's different but I like it! Well done!
5/25/2018 c11 1akimakel
OMG i love this chapter so many nodes to old and new and you had is in stiches a fue times. well done
5/25/2018 c11 Helensg
That last chapter was epic in length and supreme the humorous and the saucy touches.
The bit about the fan fiction and the puppets was sublime,it actually made me laugh out loud.
Thanks so much for this,I’ve loved it from start to finish.

I’m reading your other stuff but another Virgil cantered whump fic would be immense.
Take Care
5/24/2018 c1 5jojojojo01
No...why does it have to be over...
I have loved this story so I’m sad to see it end. There were so many things in this chapter I loved, like the part about the fan fiction story that made me chuckle. But most of all I loved how you wrote about them as a family, it was beautiful
5/24/2018 c11 13Bow Echo
Firstly, I could hardly contain my excitment when I got this notification ping. And secondly, what a way to start a chapter! I know it's hot at the moment but this nearly set my phone on fire!
The heartbeat, exhilerated but all the more precious for it's presence after the end to the previous 21st. And love how the stutter allbut disappears when Brains is in the company of someone he's in love with. Adored Brains taking charge... bit Max! Darn it! But I love how it was Max that had done the covert raid for the music box. Damn ratings...but I think my imagination can take care of the shower
Loved the switch, Virg surprising the family and donating a few surprises of his own to ensure their happiness. The reaction to his own news was beautiful and funny.
'I know now what has gotten in to you today, or was it the other way around' Scott! But very funny, Field Commander.
Love the banter, Al is up for a comedy award himself with the posse for Scott if he hurts Kayo and then the 'disinfect his eyes'. This is peppered with awesome dialogue, just brilliant.
This is the fic that keeps on giving...enter Penny stage right and declarations of love! Loved that Penny and Sally were tempted to 'bang heads together' to get Brains and Virgil to notice they felt the same. AND that Kayo had managed to keep her secret from her friend. There is so much fun in this.
And their moment, the two of them with the song and new tradition melted my heart. LMAO at the whole ff banter.
Then the boys reactions to their dates, completely agree with Kayo about heels but more so about undoing a button or two on Scott's shirt *fans face* ... no good, *swoons*.

Where was I?
Mmmmm I remember now. THANK YOU!

And so, to a perfect ending. My friend, I adored this story from start to finish. Wonderfully written with ooodles of fun. Brava and looking forward to the next.

BE x
5/3/2018 c10 5jojojojo01
Aww I love the way you write Virgil and Brains in this story. Not a pairing I’d have ever thought of (I’m sure I’ve said that before lol) but in this story it works so well
This chapter definitely didn’t end the way I expected either so I’m really looking forward to see what happens next
5/3/2018 c10 1akimakel
what a twist and at lest he is not alone
5/2/2018 c10 StormySkies89
Oh wow. At least he isn't alone in this now. Must have been confessing to Brains that allowed Brains to recall them all as well. And now they're together - cuteness. Keep it up well done!
5/2/2018 c10 13Bow Echo
Amazing update.

The ol' Tracy stubborness, definately not a trait from your side of the family, grandma. No definately not! Lol

And Scott the feeling ninja, my his powers have grown! Brilliant. Grinning from ear to ear at the first bit. Poor Virgil though, day 10 and understandibly he's exhausted. Love the test from grandma and Kayo. And oh my Virgil in his boxers, no there's a little morning delight for the readers. Thank you!

Loved that Scott and Kayo are a poorly kept secret, Alan was brilliany. John / Ridley too made me smile at Johns blushes. Loved argument of the use of Johnny and oh my the eldest has tainted 'the green goddess'. In fact the bantering was just yummy all round. And grandma as matchmaker.

THAT KISS! Oh my how perfect was that moment, well until the accident!

So glad Virgil remembers all the repeats and he has someone to share this with.

Absolutely loved this chapter. Looking forward to more. Xx
5/1/2018 c10 Nightreader
I love it! Please, update ASAP! I need more viram! Hirgil? Viram.
5/1/2018 c10 41Math Girl
Virgil... in only his boxers... a girl can dream, can't she? And everyone's favourite lumberjack manages to straighten out his brothers' tangled love affaires, maybe enough to at last end his very loooong day? Lovely read, Créative Girl! Excellent story. :)

4/19/2018 c1 Guest
Please update!️
4/17/2018 c9 1akimakel
what a great chapter. one bit down he just needs to man up and do it.
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