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8/16 c129 2Spotsquad18
Plz review I want to know more plz
7/27 c129 4R-Gomeni
Im really enjoying the story. It's well written, the plots are interesting and engaging and the overall pace is excellent. I have to admit, I wasn't a huge fan of the characterisation when I first started reading it, because the casting of Barry and Kara as assassins felt really wrong. But you handled it really well, and in particular I like how you approach it as something to be overcome rather than celebrated or justified.
Also, I'm glad you cut out the characters you did. As much as I like diggle and felicity, having too many characters would have definitely detracted from the current strengths of the story- if they'd been included, they would have been a bit on the redundant side and I think it would have taken away from the plot and the pacing.
Also love Barry's storyline with STAR Labs. It's one thing that I've never liked about the show, that season after season the lab is in disrepair and a little bit sad, rather than full of potential. So I love that you're doing something with it.
Anyway, looking forward to what you're doing with this arc so far, and can't wait to see how you top Zooms arc!
5/29 c30 Lestat95
just thought I should let you know I found a typo Sam refers to kal as Kal El when handing over the birthday party invitation.
5/3 c129 Dekei
Are there any more stories like this?
3/20 c29 4theiablack
Oh my gosh, you are brilliant! I love how Oliver is Malcoms son and not Thea. It’s amazing, it changes the whole story! I still hate that bitch Waller though.
3/20 c22 theiablack
I love your story, but personally I think you are portraying Amanda Waller to be too powerful. Yes she is a bitch, but it was said that the leagues, shadows were able to infiltrate and destroy governments withs their training. I believe that the League of Assassin could easily kill Amanda Waller and make it look like a accident. Especially if she thought herself better than three of the former horsemen of Ra’s al Ghul. Amanda Waller is manipulative and smart, yes I’ll give her that, but she is so full of delusions, searching for power that she sometimes fails to see the consequences of her actions. That ego would be her downfall.
3/13 c123 2Spotsquad18
I got a favor to ask I really love your story like really love it. I got to thinking I was seeing a video clip from a movie called SPIRIT the stallion of Cimarron and got to thinking hey what if Kara Oliver and Barry got sucked into a game like the show I was watching. I can just picture Lex doing that to them and him being the Commander, Barry the stallion, Oliver the Indian, Kara being the Pinto, but not putting them as lovers though. So I was wondering if you could do that you don't have to cause it's your story after all I just thought it would really be cool and funny.
2/18 c129 mastermacer780
After reading the whole way through I have to say that this is probably the only arrowverse fanfic that I have enjoyed that isn’t romance. This is absolutely a blast to read especially since it’s had close to no filler or bloat. Thanks for writing this and I’ll definitely be checking it out on Ao3.
2/8 c38 SilverReader43
This is awesome
It should legit be a book
12/28/2020 c128 Guest
Update a child’s game
12/14/2020 c129 13WilyGryphon
I found myself laughing at all the dramatic irony surrounding Tommy's inner thoughts, especially the "Oliver's island skills can't compare to Green Arrow."

When everything is revealed to Tommy, I'd like to think that everything will sort itself out pretty quickly. But with everything Tommy's been through, and with Malcolm quick to play his cards, who can say what will happen?
12/14/2020 c129 1TheGeekGurl17
Um, I might've read a bit too much fanfiction, but am I seeing the potential of a Kara/Sam ship? I'm fine either way, actually! I would be fine if it was platonic or romantic, I really enjoy their relationship!

Tommy, oh my goodness, the IRONY of this, I am having second-hand embarrassment. If Oliver finds out, I doubt he would go against Ra's, lmaoooo. And Tommy comparing Oliver to GA, I am losing my shit.

Aw, sad to see this go into hiatus, but I'll still be here when it comes back! I hope everything will go great on your end, author :D
12/14/2020 c127 Nate Macrae
I've been reading for a while and just want to say great work keep it up
12/10/2020 c126 Guest
Add arrow verse Barry and consider crises
12/12/2020 c128 TheGeekGurl17
So glad Barry and Eddie are having a better relationship))

Damn, Kara! You go queen!

Ollie, Tommy and Laurel. The trio is back *sniff*
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