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9/20 c19 6Deltared52952
the kid comment with the new paper article was a dead giveaway.
9/15 c165 HisSecretLover18
This was an intense chapter! Can't wait to see what happens next
8/4 c59 17G4dgetJunior
I would love for you to write an Evil/ Earth X version of this story. where Barry, Oliver, kara and Kal still have the same bond but want to rule/change the world. that would be so badass! please consider.
2/26 c164 Guest
Will savitar be a part of this fic?
1/4 c164 Geri90
I love your story but I'm feeling very murderous at another cliff hanger
12/26/2022 c164 cieloiy10
she is pregnant or holding a baby?
12/23/2022 c164 LycoXTheTempGues
Holy hell what a season finale so to speak!
12/23/2022 c164 15WilyGryphon
This was intense. Good luck with the Lauriver story. I might give that a read when it's posted, and I'll be looking forward to Arc V Act V. (The divisions of the acts probably only make sense to you and the planning phase, frankly; as for a reader's perspective, I'm really just rolling with what you're saying about the acts, especially since the Arcs are numbered the same way.)

I guess I was wrong about the Shadows at the Sacred Grounds having Mirakuru in them, but I was otherwise correct (aside from the trap not culminating there).
I have a slight idea about what piqued Joe's interest, based on my (minimal) knowledge of the tie-in comic surrounding Malcolm. But I don't know what the significance would ultimately be. I'm definitely interested in what had happened to Nyssa.
12/23/2022 c164 3AspiringAuthor236
You suck. You would have the craziest cliffhanger and decide to hop on a new story. Nyssa is with child, Eddie tryna kill Eobard and the Flash, Oliver is Ra’s (god i hope he somehow stays as Ra’s and Green Arrow), Kara and Kal are on argo. and NOW you wanna write a new story instead of giving me the sweet conclusion i crave.
12/23/2022 c164 4KuroArashi94
It's pretty obvious what's up with Nyssa but I won't say. great chapter
12/22/2022 c163 15WilyGryphon
Fantastic duel between the top fighters in the setting. And the hierarchy of power is shifting. (Hopefully without getting gutted and rebooted.)

I take it that Athena was a mole and the pincer Shadows were loyal to Tommy and given Mirakuru, all for the latter's trap. Tommy used Athena to relay the intel (true and false) that Malcolm was alive and that Thea was his daughter. And Malcolm didn't have the slightest idea. (I guess Tommy turned Athena recently while conducting his own covert business.)
12/18/2022 c159 5TheMaster4444
You have every reason to feel proud of the Barry-Eobard-Eddie scene at the start. It's a very strong opener that does a great job of following up on explaining last chapter's cliffhanger and tightening the focus on Barry and Eobard, only to effectively blindside the reader with Eddie erupting and taking control out of nowhere at the very end. His old grudge against The Flash manifesting in his fury at Eobard is genuinely terrifying. Well done!
12/17/2022 c158 15WilyGryphon
So this is the earliest timeline version of Thawne... from the future... long after Barry faced him already... Dang time travel. It's—It's the Thawne from the Season 2 episode where he met Flash for the first time from his perspective. And since Eddie didn't kill himself, Eobard is manipulating him into becoming Cobalt Blue to be a threat to Flash.

My suspicion is that Tommy and Joe leaked the fact that Malcolm was alive and spread the lie that Thea was Malcolm's daughter to lure Ra's out to trap him, the League of Assassins, and Malcolm.

I love Malcolm and the Queens' reactions to Athena saying "We have [Malcolm's] daughter."
12/17/2022 c158 nliochristou
the therapist was Eobard Thawne!? i mean i suspected something was not right about the doctor, but not that he was the Reverse Flash!
12/16/2022 c157 WilyGryphon
Ooh. I was sure that Dr. Shelby was manipulating Eddie and pushing him to villainy, and I expected some connection to Thawne and whatever happened to him at the end of his arc, but I did not expect Shelby to be connected to the Negative Speed Force. Aryton Shelby has no reference in the DC Database Wiki, so I wonder who he really is.
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