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5/22/2018 c7 1merendinoemiliano
5/21/2018 c7 LoamyCoffee
Fun! Bugster Grimm will be an interesting foe for them. Hmm, could the dragon Grimm become Graphite?
5/21/2018 c7 4DarkGamerider
that was an I'm chapter. not bad but not good either. it may of continued the story. But it basically turned into a episode of Power rangers dino force brave in terms of the length of each episode. so just work on the length next time because this is inexcusable.

4/26/2018 c6 LoamyCoffee
interesting, Grimm into Bugster.
4/6/2018 c6 1merendinoemiliano
You will continue to update also here,right?
3/18/2018 c5 merendinoemiliano
Pretty good chapter, thank you for drop thath conversation. But i believe in this case Aura would be amplified by the Rider's powers. Aniway,good work.
3/12/2018 c4 4DarkGamerider
I was skeptical at firstI read all of it) but you seem to be doing a good job. I only wish you made the chapters longer as they felt a little on the short side but overall...

3/12/2018 c4 1merendinoemiliano
Ahemm, sorry if i'm late. The chapter is pretty good and funny. If i can advice, don't put on screen the argument beetween Ruby and Weiss after Port's class, most of the time is just an excuse for make the oc talk to both girls and show how much he's cool, smart and awesome(same for Blake, reveal earlier her traits, if you can). Keep up the good work and see you later.
3/9/2018 c4 reynardgautama
Great story
3/9/2018 c4 Xivitai
Why just don't kick out Arc from story? He's trash character anyway.
2/10/2018 c1 merendinoemiliano
Update soon.
2/7/2018 c1 BloodRaven46
It's understandable if Kazi won't get MBXX since that Gashat is pretty much Emu and Parad two-as-one thingy. But it's a bit jarring (for me at least) if there's a huge gap between LV5 Hunter Gamer and LV99 Maximum Gamer.

Maybe have Kazi use Gashat Gear Dual when his Gamer Driver is temporarily unavailable for some reason? Sorry I'm not good at making up stories hahaha.
2/6/2018 c3 merendinoemiliano
Not bad chapter at all.I just hope the oc won't be too oc and please, change something, like don't make Weiss yelling at Ruby(just asking her to act more mature and pay more attention) and make Blake stay for talk before the , keep up the good work and see you later.
1/14/2018 c2 merendinoemiliano
Nice story, this seems to have potential. I hope one of the Rider will be a faunus and i'm curious to see whath changes you will make to the show. Keep up the good work and see you later, and of course good year.
12/20/2017 c2 5Clearwing Yuta
Plz not RWBY
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