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4/2/2019 c1 23Danny Barefoot
Very wry and amusing, with ironic little digs at the technocracy throughout. I think everyone was unsurprised by Harry Potter spoiler but they naturally still get annoyed. XD
4/8/2018 c1 Warpwind
X] oh god. this is classic.
2/6/2018 c1 1heatherxenia
I know nothing about "World of Darkness" and yet found this highly entertaining.

The recurring standardized fedora made me laugh, and it also made a nice thread to strengthen the cohesion of the character for someone who doesn't know the bigger context.

I liked the early image of the main character using her mirror shades to see how she looked, and also her thoughts on the lack of gratitude among the mobs of Harry Potter fans!

One nice thing about this piece is that it's long enough to hang together as a story but short enough for those times when you just want something quick and fun to read.

The end was unexpected but classic. Dumbledore costume indeed!
12/30/2017 c1 6arianedartagnan
Oh, a Technocrat at the Harry Potter 7 midnight release! That is such a cute premise!

This line is hilarious: "He had wished her a boring time and then left, warning her not to skip any steps in the chain of command." Technocratic bureaucracy in a nutshell...or is it?

I love the revelation that the Technocracy really isn't quite as hidebound and stifling as poor Sanders thinks it is, with lively characters such as McKenzie, and Taylor in full Dumbledore regalia.

The ending is perfect. Taylor will get off lightly - because he has procured a copy of the book for Control!

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