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for The Meaning of Family: Akatsuki Style

5/23/2020 c7 1LumiaTenshi
Itachi just wants some peace. hahahaha
5/23/2020 c4 LumiaTenshi
they're all ridiculously adorable. LOL
10/25/2019 c1 silvertehgoat
i love this
6/4/2019 c28 SakiaN
Please update
7/20/2018 c1 6XoMidnightXo
This made me laugh my favorite part is when they sung Hey Diddle Diddle
3/12/2018 c22 2TheDelta724
Lol, when I read demonic movie stores all I could think of was Deidara walking into an old rundown Blockbuster...
12/19/2017 c2 4ZombifiedWulf
Teehee, I like this. Too cute! Definitely want to see one with Itachi and Sasuke. If the massacre had never happened, they would have been the best brothers!

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