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5/10 c8 Guest
Oh pleeeeeeas please , for goodness sake complete this fic , it's just soooooo good .
I really want to know what will happen next? and who send the message ?
Please update soon
8/19/2020 c8 Kathyan
Interesantes aunque me perdi un poco en la mezcla de las historias al inicio
4/12/2020 c8 Justin Bieber
This is so great!... Oh I have always loved Woobin and Gaeul.. Please continue the story.. It's too great and the writing style is so smooth . KUDOS FOR SUCH A TALENT
3/14/2020 c8 Guest
Please continue
11/25/2019 c8 lucel18
Well...it’s WB’s fault for bringing it up at a public place. Lol! Thank you for these!
11/25/2019 c7 lucel18
11/25/2019 c6 lucel18
He was too overconfident. Lol
11/25/2019 c5 lucel18
Poor GE! But thankfully, WB is there to protect her if anything.
11/25/2019 c4 lucel18
Lololololol! He sure isn’t gonna reveal anything huh?
11/25/2019 c3 lucel18
I love it! Your writing makes me so giddy.
11/25/2019 c2 lucel18
I’m speechless at this but in a good way. Lol. Ive always thought of WB as more of a gentleman than YJ.
11/25/2019 c1 lucel18
Lololololol! I’m sure he wasn’t expecting that.
5/2/2019 c3 Eleoopy
I like this chapter. Lots of mini GaBin fic. Man GaBin fic is like an addiction, once I read one, I can’t stop looking for GaBin fic (which is not many!) please write more of them :)
Other ideas (non smut XD)
- WB woo GE on vday
- WB step in to protect GE in bar/school and GE promise to cook him a meal as a way to thanks
- WB drunk text Ge and confess his feelings
5/2/2019 c1 Eleoopy
Not sure if I reviewed this chapter but I do like this mini series :) please update soon!

Idea: YJ broke GE heart and WB there to comfort. Or Ge asked WB to pretend to be her bf (for family or friends or dare) and WB want more than just pretending :)
4/2/2019 c8 Eleoopy
So I really hope you continue these short-fics because apparently, there is really not much GaBin fics around :( I can't wait to see more of unhinged (ahhh...why can't they kiss already!) and my next favorite would be the burning of :)
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