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10/1 c47 NyaNyaKittyFace
Not gonna write my normal review today. Sorry, just not feeling up for it right now. I’m so so SO happy that those fuckers were killed. I would have preferred long, Slow, and EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL death for them, but this will have to do...Though I will say that there are ways to make sure he couldn’t scream. Also, weren’t there more things that needs to die, I refuse to call rapist people. Honestly, “things” might be an insult to things you actually refer to as “things”. I don’t understand why Jaune didn’t fight them though. If he wants to be a huntsman, he’s gonna have to fight people. Especially people like that. Instead he tried to escape. Knowing that if they can’t get him, they’ll just target other people. Who knows how man y victims they’ve already had! Then there’s Adam. Holy shit do I want him dead. He didn’t care that he had rapists under him. As long as they caught for his cause, it was fine. As long as the victims were human, it was fine. This is why I call Adam CANCER. Nothing matters as long as he gets what he wants. He will work with and use anyone. No matter how blood thirsty, psychotic, or DISGUSTING they are. As long as it furthers his goal, he will accept it without question.
9/30 c47 simm36
Muy buen capitulo
9/30 c47 Kivuntappaja
Taking lead and the point in effort to get to the shelter like that must have earned him some great points from his employees. Who wouldn't respect boss that makes effort to protect you when it matters? Shame they might have to do without pay for a while with the clinic ruined and all.
9/30 c47 Kivuntappaja
You know what would be funny? Finding out red car Yang send flying did hit something, like Juniors bar for example. Wrecking it again.

Would Jaunes message parlor relocate until original location gets fixed? I'd imagine Twin's finding it easy to arrange some quieter spot of night club temporarily converted for this particular side business. Plus it would make it easier for Junior to get back at Yang by blacklisting her.

I also had fun ideas over how Jaune could have reacted to Torchwicks secret. Like team RWBY entering his shop just in time for him to lament/ponder how many other criminals have been through his shop with him none the viser. With obvious criminal, as if on cue coming from the backroom to pay for the message.

Granted it could be any other Huntsman team or even Teacher of those, but it would be most fitting since they did catch him. Neo wandering through the shop might be funniestif it were them. Or Adam, though how anyone managed to sneak him in with that mask he never takes off and poor attitude would be a mystery.

But none of that can happen now.
9/27 c47 Hellsider1985
Well that was a nice twist. I can only imagine how upset quite a few people are going to be when they hear that Jaune has to close shop do to reconstruction.
9/27 c47 Guest
love it
9/27 c47 WearyCurmudgeon
- Consequences
Nice twist with the car. Was fully expecting Yang to have to pay the Piper for being reckless, as she usually gets away scot-free when she's crossed the line.

- White Fang
Adam can be as pissed off as he wants. If you make agreements with someone then you stick to them, not ignore them because of a person's racial background.

That just shows that you're untrustworthy and that means no-one will be willing to work with you in the future.

Even more so as he was defending the actions of a would-be rapist vs. the target who's actually well liked by the Valean Faunus community. Both for his strict no-bigotry policy as well as employing Faunus and paying fair wages. Hell, his Assistant Manager is a Faunus.

Jaune is exactly the type of human that Sienna Khan would approve of.

So that just further illustrates how off his rocker Adam is.

- Rumours
Regarding the FFN shutting down rumours. They're just that rumours, far as I can tell.

Pops up every other year or so. There's even a bunch of Reddit threads dealing with it.

But in short, staffing issues due to COVID and... don't recall the other one, but again a temporary issue. They're apparently more active on their WordPress Twitter account than the official FFN one.


Course, it never hurts to have a backup. Case in point when they had those server issues last year, when no one could upload for, I think it was, 2 weeks.
9/27 c47 PF115
A good chapter. At least that WF member is gone. Who knows how far he'd try to hunt Jaune down with that look in his eye.
9/29 c47 8DinoGuy2000
Hahahaha! Glad to see RWBY can sleep a little easier, though they will be missing out on massages for the immediate future. If his apartment isn't usable, I suppose staying at Beacon wouldn't be out of the question. Pressure from so many students and an old Huntsman should be enough to get him somewhere to stay haha.

Hopefully, he still considers Roman and Neo friends. That's a fun relationship.

Good work!
9/27 c47 Andrew
Thanks for the update. Awesome work as usual, its worth the wait. Hopefully we get Salem and Adam becoming Jaune’s customers as well. I love Arkos but it seems that Jaune will get a massive harem which is even better. Also, I hope that Amber gets healed by Jaune and she becomes a customer as well. Wouldn't it be awesome if Jaune cooked dinner and dessert for all of Beacon before the Vytal Festival. Everyone would want him to come to their academies and they have a huge fight. Keep up the great work.
9/28 c47 9Kolomte'49
Yang and the Car. Do you know? I know that all the theme was a kind of joke, but after seeing other stories where Yang messed up badly cause she wanna be "the badass" and the yellow trailer, I can't laugh at this. I mean, it is funny. But not for me. If I didn't remember other stories that showed consequences like the battle with the mecha on the bridge, or Yang trying to fight close to a Jaune without aura... I'll surely be laughing. I'm just tired how to see Yang messed up in that way. Ironically, all the stories where I saw this situation (and another examples from Blake, Ruby or all the team) are the best stories that I read it.
Hope this Yang already learn the lesson and doesn't try to be cool or so careless in a public area, again. Even if everyone already left the place... well, Jaune's clinic is the perfect example about how the people, just the reasonable ones, going to react. The rest from Vale citizens will recreate the scene of One Punch Man after the asteroid.
On the other side. It was funny the joke about the Orc-Faun- wait, Pig-Faunus. And seeing Cinder and Neo work together was great, too. Most-danger-duo-ever... just in RWBY.
9/28 c47 ChrisRoad
Another month, another mending the knots chapter. Really the highlight of every month tbh, always squeal when I see the notification.
9/28 c47 16KorevainsoLightshire
Aw man, I was hoping it was a red car. Would've been amusing to watch Yang face the consequences of her actions, and try to make it up to Jaune while hiding what she did.
9/28 c47 quaker212
welcome back
9/27 c47 11Sixsamchaos
Hmm, would Jaune end up at that high-priced and shady massage place? Junior's club? Or will he take up Beacon's offer to hire him, at least temporarily, until his business is rebuilt?

Can't wait to see how things develop.
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