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for Mending the Knots

11/26 c1 wearedeadpool
pretty good start bro.
11/26 c55 HellKnight70
Excellent got more complicated for Jaune. The Man can't catch a break.
11/21 c55 WearyCurmudgeon
- Box blocking
Damnit Gramps, if you want any further great grand kids, than don't interrupt when Jaune is getting his rizz on with the Amazon redhead.

You can tease them afterward, even more so by reminding them of Arc virility and the need for a morning-after pill, unless she wants kids now. :-P

- OniTenshi500
She is aware of Jaune, has been massaged by him and even offed a WF member who wanted to r*pe him during the Breach, when she was informed of his plans, despite Jaune being on the Do-Not-Touch list.

She's just confused as to why Ironwood is interested in him. Which is a perfectly reasonable response.
11/21 c55 AlwaysSunny
Next chapter cuts to Cinder connecting red string to a picture of Jaune
Cinder: He keeps getting mail from Pepe Sylvia!
*Emerald and Mercury looking at Jaune's mail from his home region of Pennsylvania
11/22 c55 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter, keep up the good
11/22 c55 8Sigma of Prisium
Oh? What had Ironwood written in his "secret" file in regards to Jaune? And welp, Jaune got roped into Cinder's machinations it seems. More than previous encounters.
11/22 c1 SonicTundra
time for a re-read, let's gooo!
11/21 c55 0akarigan0
Jajajajaja pensé que elp secreto sería penny. Excelente trabajo.
11/21 c55 CrimsonSylvan
Cinder's confusion at the end is completely understandable. You expect highly classified military secrets when you check out the secret server of a military general like Ironwood. Instead, she finds that he is looking into Jaune. Which is definitely not what she expected to find, and now she's curious as to why Ironwood is interested in a guy who, as far as she knows, mostly just has a very interesting way of giving a massage using aura. I wonder how much this will distract her?
11/21 c55 Greer123
Thank you for the new chapter of this story. Hope you are doing well.
11/21 c55 7Dragon Blaze-X
11/21 c55 9OniTenshi500
Cinder's now aware of Jaune's existence? I could have sword she got a massage already earlier this fic.
11/21 c55 1Bunny Cop
What happens next: Cinder makes a poorly timed and very unwise attempt to kidnap Jaune, and she promptly gets her shit stomped in by Grandpa.
11/21 c55 dreadix
what will happen next? ill tell you what happens... cinder kidnaps jaune for another massage only to develope a crush on our dense dork knight and protect him from the big bad ironwood.
11/21 c55 8DinoGuy2000
Quite a nice plan, and the Pyrrha and Jaune bit in the beginning was adorable. The world building was nice, as was the new and dangerous interest from Cinder! Quite exciting!

Good work!
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