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10/28/2018 c1 15Aurora Nightstar
This is certainly off to an interesting start. Almost anywhere would seem an improvement to the Dursleys. I can see the Dursleys not letting Harry have anything sweet. The cake does sound pretty good to me. Glad Harry managed to get some peace and it would be interesting to see how the last two entries tie in to the actual story. I am curious who wrote those entries and who they saved. Interesting start.
10/27/2018 c1 22ZadArchie
So, I’m just going in order of the posts on that WA thread to help counteract the spammer. So, yay, another review for you!

I can very clearly see some of the Disney influences you used for this story. The opening scene feels very reminiscent of Snow White in the forest. I’m also curious to see what you do with all these doors with different symbols.

The only thing that leaves me a little confused is the journal entries at the end of the chapter. I haven’t yet seen how they connect with the main story, but I’m not complaining. It makes for a good mystery to solve as I read on.

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