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8/30 c11 Gerrycanada
It's a real change to see Loki in such a noble light. He will be a father that Harry will be proud of. I'm looking forward on how they will both meet. Good writing I will expect more from you in the future ! Excelsior !
8/13 c11 Demonica-Death
More please !
7/17 c11 4Monster King
5/10 c11 FreeLoveFreeSpirit
I absolutely love this fic so far! Can't help but hope that this will be updated one day and Harry will meet Loki & Thor :D
3/25 c11 Guest
Отличный фанфик пиши дальше!
1/21 c11 ScarletRainbow1
I love this story, but your last update was Nov. 2018. Please, come back and help Harry discover, and finish, his story and stop Dumbledore and Voldemort.

Idea: Dumbledore doesn't know that Hermione is Harry's soulmate and, because of Dumbledore's charms on her, neither kids realize it when they met because D's charms blocked it.
1/18 c1 muffdyvr
no point in changing his name when he and everyone calls him harry potter.
12/10/2019 c11 cally.lloyd.14
when is the story going to be continued it was getting good. i loved itXD
11/5/2019 c11 Alya1188
hi, ich finde deine geschichte richtig spannend und würde mich freuen wenn du sie weiter schreibst.
würde zu gerne wissen wie sie weiter geht.

lg alya88
10/3/2019 c11 Percy's Dongos
Love it
9/30/2019 c11 Gracealma
Love a smart Harry, and I enjoy your story.
9/5/2019 c11 Guest
Please finish this story!
5/25/2019 c1 N. A. Wennerholm
I wish you wouldn't use all the 0's I find it annoying. I use the App which has text to speech that allows me to listen while reading or just use it as an audiobook while doing chores and errands. Plus I have relatives with severe dyslexia and others who are legally blind. and as a result, this would drive them up to the wall. instead, another way needs to be found page line breaks and scene breaks.

Plus it has been six months since the last update would like to see this finished.

And Dumbledore punished for all of his wrongdoing such as the illegal marriage contracts. And Dumbledore illegally sealing the Potter Will(s) and Placing Harry with the Dursleys which also broke the Law because Wills are legal Documents. Plus he was one of three individuals who also broke the law by putting Sirius in Prison without a trial. Only those who have received a trial and been found guilty can be put in prison instead they are to be placed in a Pre-Trial holding cell such as city and country. Or in this Case A Ministry DMLE Holding Cell until trial. Even The Magical need to follow the Same Laws as the Mundane. In fact, Cousin Elizabeth for which I am referring to the Queen Has the right to Revoke All the Wizarding Communities Charters which makes them believe they have full Autonomy from the Rest of The United Kingdom Of Great Britain, in fact, most of the Wizarding World believe they don't have to listen to The Queen or their Equivalent Leader for the Country they live in. Plus They also believe they can obliviate People willy nilly without consequences. And because of their stupid Flawed Statute Of Secrecy, they can even destroy evidence that would be used in a trial when gathering information needed because it has resulted in flawed trials and innocents being sent to prison while the guilty get away with their crimes. I have read other Stories where the authors believe nothing can be done after what the stupid Auror of the DMLE has done quite the contrary they can be arrested and tried for the destruction of evidence. Plus the DMLE are required to work with the Mundane Law Enforcement. Yes, this is Fiction but that is no excuse to play dumb with the law. JK Rowling has been rather stupid in many things when it comes to her Wizarding World Stories. She should have done her homework which includes talking to the Queen and Prime Minister when writing her story when dealing with Law and the Separation of the two communities within Great Britain such as take into account the Fact that the Prime Minister is answerable to the Queen and has To Brief her regularly on what is going on. On top of the Fact that only the Queen has The Power to declare war. Along with the fact that another Flaw is the fact that All British Government Employees would be informed about The Magical Community Especially Parliament, The Police and The Royal Military. On top of All the M.I. Units of Military intelligence. And since this is a Crossover the three main units would be M.I.5 AND M.I.6 along with M.I.13 which is the unit that deals with the supernatural which includes the Wizarding World and Extraterrestrials. I remember seeing a Video on YouTube Dealing with Harry Potter it was a Play using a combination of Video and Live Actors. And the Queen was in the Audience with other members of the Royal Family she was enjoying it but yet I could see from the look on her face that there were parts that were really ticking her of and taking into account that she had read the Stories and that some of my relatives who live here in America went To Great Britain for Vacation and to touch base with our British Cousins which include the Queen lets just say there where many parts that pissed her off. Such as the obliviations and The Pure Bloods attitudes toward mundanes and First Generations. She Hates the words muggle muggleborn and mudblood. She finds them demeaning and disrespectful. And she hated the Corruption that was Prevalent within the Ministry of Magic. And the Attitude that many had that they didn't have to answer to her. Which is False. In fact, no Government of this Planet would Tolerate such behavior. Plus the false assumption that She wouldn't Get Her Military involved along with the Police and Her M.I. Units. Fortunately, I have run into some Fan Fictions where the Writers realized this and wrote Stories based on what they knew Of British Law and The Queen. Some being actual British Subjects/Citizens and Others Who are Americans who did their Homework/research and if they had British Cousins as I do talked to them to see they knew and find out how the Prime Minister and The Queen would react to The British Wizards. And from what I read of the various Scenarios they were Pretty darn accurate based on what I have been told about Elizabeth and What I have Observed of her through the News and Documentaries and interviews. She is one woman you do not want to mess with. In fact, none of the women in my family would you want to mess with especially w
5/25/2019 c10 N. A. Wennerholm
This where I think that The Wards to the Castle should have transferred to Harry and away from Dumbledore. And thus allowing Harry to keep an eye on the School and be able to regenerate the ward and add to them Such a ward to keep out all Death Eater. And another to keep out all Dark Artifacts that can cause harm such as Toms Diary. Plus Harry Should go look for Salazar's Basilisk Familiar. This freeing it from Tom's Control along with restoring its sanity.
3/21/2019 c11 sleshachoksi
Loved it! I sincerely hope that u continue with this fanfic as I want to read more. Please update soon.
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