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for Journey of the King: The Will of D

6/15 c3 Turtletipper123
I want to see more. I hope you continue this story.
6/5 c3 Makimass
Damn, hope you get back to writing chapters of this story..
5/6 c2 Aedwards179
I feel like it'd make more sense to train than I'm haki rather than those techniques first. better to get them started with haki as soon as possible.
4/30 c3 2Pinkypi
I really like this. You used some general concepts others do but you made it unique and you made it your own. I'm kind of hoping you come back to this, tha k you for sharing your work.
3/5 c3 Amargi'sNodachi
Excellent writing, I look forward to when you publish more

Especially when Senji realizes that the girls are taken... lol
1/21 c3 Agent Frank
Despite the fact that that this was updated in 2019 I somehow never read it (started reading it back in 2017). Hopefully this gets an update sometime in the future. Overall this is a good One piece story. You have a fruit that could definitely be explored even more than it was in canon, a solid crew, and a main character that while very strong for his current opponents doesn't seem unbeatable. Given what we know about Haki now in the story he really does have a long way to go. Any way currently he is really strong so if this story does continue I'm curious to see what you do for Alabasta, Skypea and Enies Lobby/Water 7.

With Alabasta you can very realistically power up Crocodile by giving him the Haki that he should have as someone that's been to the New World. Nothing crazy but basic stuff comparable to Luffy's current Haki level in this story, given what we know now it's kind of wild that he didn't have that to begin with (he was just introduced to early).

For skypea I'm curious to see what you will do with the antagonist and for Water 7 while I can see Rob lucci being a physical match for Luffy I'm assuming you're either going to buff him up by giving him some Haki early or by having Luffy face the Buster Call Vice admirals instead. Either way I'm pretty hyped about this story. I hope with the great One piece chapters we've gotten in 2021 and to start off this new year your muse comes back and you bless us with some more chapters.
1/5 c2 taiwoeretan1
Saw the Code Breaker reference in here.
1/5 c1 taiwoeretan1
Love that you gave Luffy the lightning fruit, it was really cool when Enel had it, hope you can show some new and awesome stuff with it in this story.
12/13/2021 c3 ZiggySmallz
I love your writing and hope your muse comes back soon. And your life is in a good place for you to write
9/22/2021 c3 yochan123
Sooo good! Plz plz continue
9/11/2021 c3 bloodline 69
Update soon please I am really excited to continue reading this story
8/9/2021 c3 Guest
Please this el Drago shit ruined this fic for me and definitely not coming back to read this fic if it ever gets updated
8/9/2021 c2 Guest
This is actually a great start to a one piece fanfic so it’s a shame that there are only 3 chapters
6/1/2021 c1 KingConner
Why did you make Luffy only 6'1 when Dragon and Grap are like 8ft tall?
5/27/2021 c3 Yeetumus prime
Good story
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