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6/16 c61 Aratherfluffyfatcat
Enjoying the story thanks
6/10 c61 sam
thank you ;)
5/9 c61 lady sakura cosmos
Good story
I would like to see a bit of the meeting between Derek and his family
3/27 c61 vampwolfs
please continue!
3/19 c61 2KSIJ
I've just binged this over the last few days. love it as I do with all the works you've written. I've never read any teen wolf. and only watched the first couple of episodes. my adhd brain gets so distracted watching shows I much prefer reading.
3/16 c61 12lance215
I feel sooo bad for Derek! I want him and Stiles to be together like yesterday T.T! I just love your fics so much! I cannot wait for every update!
3/12 c61 kirsty21
3/7 c60 APridefulSin
3/7 c61 1Immortal Senshi
I would love to ‘throw down the gauntlet’ for you to write Talia, but in all honesty, you would basically be making a team of OCs because only the original story writer knew what they were thinking. Viewers learned what they did, to a point, but never what they were thinking.
So we know that she taught them to run, but why? For what reason did she teach profundity wolves to cower like pups scared of the dark at the first sign of confrontation?
Personally, I would rather skip to his final result after the conversation, unless you intend for a plot point to happen within it.
I am glad you got back to this one, I generally love your stories, just hate the wait, and hate when the story seems to just be dragging on with no end. It will never end in your head, none of my own ever have and I go back to rewrite scenes constantly until I pick the one that fits where I intend for things to go. But for sake of not splitting your attention twenty plus directions, some of them need to end at least the current arc they are on, and have been on for months now.
I look forward to your updates.
3/6 c61 22Winged Seer Wolf
Can Harry find out he's having male identical twins? I think it would be interesting to see them be werewolf and wizards.
3/5 c61 GennaBean
BROOOOOOO. Finally brought out the Hallows!
3/5 c61 1Beautiful Obsession 17
Derek really needed that moment with Harry and I'm glad he got it. I'm happy either way, as long as I get to see Derek heal. Seriously love this story and your writing.
3/5 c1 ReneeTheSlytherclaw
3/5 c24 3doraemax
he's not being fair...though its not his fault, entirely. I mean, he never did get to be a proper teenager...properly. All Scott is doing is being a teenager brat. huhuhu
3/5 c61 NaRuKo-InuTaiSHo-XD
Love it. Please update soon.
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