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4/5 c56 Mie Mie
Another I need you to update soon. Thanks your melding of the two worlds is just seamless.
4/3 c56 Stacy Damato
Please update this story is so good and can't wait to see what happens next
3/26 c56 sam
great, thanks ;)
3/19 c53 realanonymouscinnamonroll
yo I'm in tears good job
3/17 c25 AlexTeo
I have to ask... Charlie, is she an hint at a Supernatural crossover too? At least to a very small awareness of it?
Loving this fic by the way, started reading it a while back but never finished it, lost it too, so I'm starting over
3/15 c13 Guest
is Malia Tate going to be in this story and will harry adopt her not only in the pack but as his daughter as well?
3/9 c56 Guest
firstly, thanks for updating. Will the windigos n Kira make an appearance. Will Lydia be in the story n will Meridith start the dead pool?
3/4 c56 1mayawene
Thank you
2/27 c56 45RonneeM
I found this Friday morning. It is now Saturday afternoon and I just finished. I was not going to read it because I am not usually a fan of Peter, but decided to see if I could get past the first 5 chapters. To my great surprise, I was enthralled by chapter 3. It has been hard to stop reading. Plot wise it is decent. Conceptually, the weft and weave of the different magics and type of lycanthropy is fascinating. There are a few word choice errors (there vs. their and reign vs. rein) but those are negligible, especially for the size of this fic. All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing.
2/27 c56 Aion27
I would enjoy the though of them getting taken down by the Aurors since it would help establish the MACUSA to the supernatural world. If you decide that any of them can’t be redeemed then I would also like the idea of them interviewing Betas that want their own pack. Like make it a requirement to do the interview under Veritaserum on their plans and if they will be a good Alpha. It will introduce some good packs back into the world.

Thanks for the new chapter
I loved it so much.
2/27 c41 AmorNotFound
Did Stiles even notice he sees Harry as a father
2/26 c42 2AnimeLover229
I don't think Noah is a good match for Hermione. maybe get her a OC werewolf . great work
2/26 c52 Forest
Oh, Jimmy's here, sorry about my earlier question!
2/26 c51 Forest
Quick question I've been meaning to ask but...where's Jimmy? Isn't he apart of the pack?
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