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12/24/2017 c5 Grima
Seriously! How could Imelda fell for him so easy!? I thought she is different. I hope you have an idea for Imelda and Hector to fell love, cause Ernesto and Imelda together? I don't think they perfect for each other.
12/23/2017 c4 4Paintbrush123
So is Ernesto the ridiculous man while Hector is the charming man?
12/23/2017 c4 cbsister
I came back to ff just for this cute story and I crave more! I can't wait for more!
12/23/2017 c4 Nalufan13
I seriously can't wait to read more of this story, it's really intriguing.
12/23/2017 c4 11OceanWolfff
I'm so excited to see where this is going

And I sense a love triangle beginning to happen in the future
12/23/2017 c4 Grima
Oh boy, I can't wait to read what happened next.
12/23/2017 c4 11Fk306
this is great I look forward to the next update
12/22/2017 c3 4Paintbrush123
Is the next chapter is Hector P.O.V?
12/22/2017 c3 11OceanWolfff
Hahahah I loved this chapter! Keep It up!
12/22/2017 c3 Grima
Oh, God. Nice way for them to meet. Post the next chapter really soon.
12/21/2017 c2 4Paintbrush123
Hector is going to be in a surprise all right. Lol
12/21/2017 c2 Grima
Can't wait to read it. Please post it really soon.
12/21/2017 c1 Paintbrush123
Let me guess. The ridiculous man is Hector, right?
12/21/2017 c1 Grima
Man, Imelda know to turn men down so gently. Can't wait to read what happened next.
12/21/2017 c1 11OceanWolfff
Very interested in this
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