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for Un Poco Loco

1/12/2018 c24 11Sofie Rose
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Standing ovation) I loved this whole story. You did such a good job on it! (Maybe there could be a sequel?)
1/11/2018 c23 35Hufflepuffection
I knew it was him! I can’t wait to see Hector’s reaction when Imelda gives him his songbook back. Also really happy they are together:)
1/11/2018 c23 11OceanWolfff
Hahahha amusing
1/11/2018 c23 59superlc529
Imelda lovesick is so sweet. And at least now it seems that she's got rid of Don Julian for good and has obtained Hector's songbook back. I'm sure he'll be so relieved to both get the book back and of course be with Imelda. ;) Wonderful update! :)
1/11/2018 c23 Anonymous
I almost thought Don Julián was Ernesto because of his mustache. But then again, I can’t remember where but somewhere in the story, there was proof they were completely different people.
Now I remember, it’s the huge boring house.
1/11/2018 c23 Guest
Stupid Don Julian. What a dingleberry. XD.
And yes, Imelda! You go girl! Haha.
1/10/2018 c22 superlc529
Hector going for his dream of Imelda and Ernesto starting to take Hector's songs. It's the beginning. I love Imelda and Hector dancing there. That was nice. This story is great. It's a unique take on the origins of one of Hector's songs. :) I wonder if this story will go to Hector and Imelda getting married or if it's coming to a close. Regardless, I'll be reading to the end. I really like this story. Nice job! :)
1/10/2018 c22 35Hufflepuffection
Well, Hector that’s one way of looking for someone, lol. Great Chapter! I loved it!
1/9/2018 c21 Paintbrush123
This shows how much Hector really doesn't care about fame.
1/9/2018 c21 12P.I.D
Honestly, if I were Ernesto, I would be rightfully pissed off with Hector during all of this. From Ernesto's perspective, he and his friend are touring musicians. Then his friend loses all of their songs, refuses to perform the one song they still have, then agrees to perform that song, and then changes his mind literally at the last minute. I would want to throttle him.

But I am still interested to find out how this all ends. And it is well written. Maybe I'm just being weird, sympathizing with the movie's villain.
1/9/2018 c21 Anonymous
Also what’s this fluff I’m seeing in the comments? Someone tell me maybe?
1/9/2018 c21 Anonymous
Say whaaaaaaaaaaat...?
It’s all that I can say.
1/9/2018 c21 59superlc529
What Hector does for love. It adds an interesting twist, I think. I have a feeling Ernesto will go out there and perform the song anyway, yet another reason for people to think that he wrote all those songs. Oh, Hector...

Great update. This story is so much fun. :)
1/9/2018 c21 11OceanWolfff
A bit of clicheness, but still a good chapter
1/9/2018 c21 35Hufflepuffection
Yet another reason why Hector will always be better man :) Please continue!
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