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for Long Road to Forgiveness

12/8/2019 c1 Guest
Can you write a sequel were this left of when they get back home. I would like to read something were emelda tries to make it up to hecktor and more of her understanding how she treated him. Maybe introduce him to the other family members.
2/23/2019 c7 10Rennyangelee
I always wanted to know what was inside Imelda's mind and heart. I didn't really like her as a bitter cold and unforgiving mama bear. I couldn't believe she would feel so strongly and push all that onto others. I think this story explains it all perfectly. And hurray for forgiveness!
7/3/2018 c7 33D. M. Robb
This was a heartwarming chapter that made me tear up and a perfect conclusion to your story. I love that Hector and Miguel found a way to keep in touch, despite basically living in two different worlds. Excellent job! :o)
7/2/2018 c7 67ainmals1
That was a very interesting story.

You did a good job.
7/2/2018 c7 Guest
Ha, I was re-reading this story only a few days ago and wondering if you would add more chapters. I'm so glad you did, this chapter was excellent. Beautiful story!
7/2/2018 c7 Sofie Rose
Can you write an Epilogue please? I love this story!
5/29/2018 c6 33D. M. Robb
This is an amazing story! I love how you delve deeper into the thoughts and backgrounds of the characters while keeping their personalities perfectly intact. Your story nicely fills in the movie's untold details and answers some of my questions, such as if Imelda ever confronted Ernesto and if Coco ever noticed that his most popular songs were written by her father. I’m looking forward to seeing how Hector and Imelda will continue to reconcile, especially since she came so close to losing him forever.
4/22/2018 c6 1E-Dantes
I enjoyed a lot how Imelda see the similarities between Héctor and their family, but specially with Miguel, and how that exasperates her. I’m glad you updated, and totally waiting for the next chapter, where is Héctor going to awake? What’s Imelda going to do with what she knows now?
4/21/2018 c6 13Elf Kid2.0
This is excellent and beautiful, and it brought tears to my eyes. Thank You for writing this.
4/21/2018 c6 Sofie Rose
I like this a lot! Update soon!
3/24/2018 c5 1rockergurl13
Thank you so much for this story. It is AMAZING! I love how you add these deep, complex layers to the key characters but still keep them true to how they were in the original movie. I also love that this is from Imelda's perspective. Please keep writing, I am hooked! Favoriting this now.
3/22/2018 c5 Guest
I love Hector
3/21/2018 c5 1E-Dantes
This is fantastic, the kind of story I was looking for: the one that goes deep in the story/mind of the characters without changing them from what they originally are! I love what you’re doing with Imelda and Hector, specially because most authors picture her like someone violent and explosive. I think she’s not, just when someone get her really angry (wich in this case, is sadly Hector) so I’m delighted to read your Imelda!
Please tell me you intent to keep this story! I’m totally following it!
3/13/2018 c5 33Priestess Mayumi
I'm just loving this story. Your portrayal of the characters is so rich and human. You've captured Imelda's stubbornness and pride and protective nature, Héctor's playful mischief and undying affection, Coco's loyalty and rebelliousness, and Ernesto's cowardice and general scumminess. All the emotions associated with abandonment, betrayal, misunderstanding, single-parenthood, familial love, and the will to continue fighting are present here-and strong. Not only is this story faithful to established canon, you've made it feel real even outside that context!

Highlights of Chapter 5, since it's the most recent chapter at the time of this review:

-Department of Reestablishment. Brilliant idea. That's going in my headcanon bin.
-Héctor coming by to congratulate Imelda on the new zapataria, and catching her before she falls off the ladder. It's such a sweet gesture, to bring her flowers to celebrate, especially since their last meeting didn't go over well. Extra points for Héctor's progressive views on womenhood, though that's to be expected from the man who fell for strong-willed Imelda. And you can tell he's still SO MUCH in love with her! "My wife is a queen, a diosa."
-Imelda's bitterness and suspicion are heartbreaking, but completely understandable. She's a self-made woman who hasn't relied on a husband in fifty years. Of course her jaded heart would assume that Héctor had returned to leech off her. That he still had throng of mistresses, even in the afterlife. I don't think I'd want to hear him out either, even though the miscommunication and false assumptions are what's PERPETUATING THE SUFFERING! But he still leaves the flowers for her T_T
-Gaaaaaaaaaaah! ERNESTO! DE! LA! CRUZ! The worst. Ever. How dare he interfere with the sweetest family in Mexico?
-God bless the twins. They may be eccentric inventors, but they have good instincts. If only they had the gumption to stand up to Imelda. But I understand; she's their big sister, and they owe a lot to her and her business. But they'll probably be among the most accepting of the truth when it comes out. You write their split dialogue very well!
-The entire scene with Héctor and Adelita is gold-star, tooth-rotting sweetness. I love seeing Héctor's paternal instinct in full force; it really is a defining trait of his character. It also speaks volumes that he was willing to comfort Adelita, even if it meant telling a lie that would be personally painful for him. So much bravery and selflessness from our favorite skeleton. How could Imelda not melt at that?

I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm not sure when to expect this story to catch up to the film timeline, but I'm not worried. I'm throughroughly enjoying these in-between moments. As sad as the growing distance between Héctor and Imelda is, it's heartwarming to see their love for their family remain strong. Keep up the good work!
3/10/2018 c5 13Elf Kid2.0
This is excellent, and I am crying. Thank You for writing this.
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