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for The Crossroads of the Force

6/21/2020 c3 leila.3580
I love this story, id love to see more!. Please continue
3/12/2018 c3 8rainingsun2811
I’m patiently waiting for more of your amazing fic!
1/17/2018 c3 SupermarketCrayons
Nice introduction between characters! I think Satine would've tried to hide the fact that she had two Jedi with her, too. It's really reasonable with all the Mandalorians hating Jedi and such.

Hope you had a nice day!
1/8/2018 c3 Please Crawl Out Your Window
I thought this was a longer story, and got really disappointed when it ended at Chapter 3! But I'm glad to see that it's actually recently published and updated (yay! There's going to be more!).

I saw that you haven't had very many reviews so I just thought I'd write one and let you know how much I like your story. I'm very excited to read more :)
1/4/2018 c2 1padawanlence
Excellent story. Very well put together. It definitely shows how Qui-Gon reacted to the Jedi Council. You're really envision what's going on.

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