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6/21/2022 c82 Linda Weir
I have read the entire story again . Hoping that you’ll come back to the story soon. I know life gets in the way but…. Here’s hoping. Love your stories xxx
6/11/2022 c82 Seawitchnan
I hope you are well. Now that Covid has calmed down a bit I hope you find time to come back and write.. I know a lot of fans are patiently waiting your return.
3/4/2022 c82 5S.A.Lovelace
this is such an amazing story. I've been reading it and rereading for years. I hope you come back with an update one day. Hope you are well
1/6/2022 c82 DEE MAC
To the author: Are you ok? Where are you? Haven't heard from you in quiet awhile. Hope you are doing well. Sincerely.
12/10/2021 c82 lainielou
This is such a great story and I'm enjoying it very much. Adam and Shiloh are so good together. Please, we're waiting impatiently for more.
6/24/2021 c74 Hollyelvira
6/23/2021 c73 Hollyelvira
6/23/2021 c72 Hollyelvira
6/11/2021 c82 Iluvlittlejosbro
Abel is adorable! So glad Shiloh has Edwin to look out for her and the kids, it will feel wonderful to be in a home instead of a hotel.
6/11/2021 c81 Iluvlittlejosbro
I like how the newspapers kept them informed, about each other, since they didn't give each other those details in their letters. Hopefully Adam and the boys can head East soon, and the family can be reunited. So much to worry about when they are apart. Adams expressions were spot on !
5/31/2021 c82 11flabirder
I can imagine how bored Beau was out at the construction site. Watching someone measure, stake out lines & make sketches is about as exciting as watching grass grow or paint dry. Abel is pretty young to be learning to ride a horse. Adam should have him on a pony instead. That way if he falls off, he won't be hurt. Shiloh will kill Adam if anything happens to Abel. I'm glad Edwin met Shiloh's train. After the long train ride & Indian attack, she needs a friend she can relax with. I don't think Adam will be happy with her decision to retire. Adam did a good job explaining the difference between his work in San Francisco & ranching to Abel. Shiloh will be happy that Beau is going to New York with Adam and Abel. I think she's come to look on him as a son. I don't remember who Bridger is, but I hope he doesn't cause problems for Adam.
5/25/2021 c82 Olli58
Seems there are a lot of things to be done before reunited in New York. Beau is already quite concerned of the welfare of Adam and his family. He is just a chip off the old block. Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/19/2021 c82 Linda Weir
Looked forward to your next chapter very much. Can’t wait for Adam and Isabella to catch up with each other. x
5/18/2021 c82 13gaben
Hmm I wonder what's going on with Bridget. It was fun to read Abel interacting with his father. I'm with Edwin Shiloh will find it very difficult to retire, Isabelle is very much who she is. Your research is amazing , though I know very little about the areas and the industry's you mention, however all of it is plausible and very interesting , engaging us readers constantly. Well done.
5/18/2021 c82 Adam's Gal
Lovely to read another chapter. Some decisions to be made for the family. Beau is really growing up to be his father’s son.
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