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11/1/2020 c1 Guest
Listen, I know you haven’t updated in some time but I implore that you do, this looks to be the makings of a legendary story if the fact it got a TV tropes didn’t already indicate that. I hope you can get a new chapter up soon. This is amazing.
9/29/2020 c6 15Vanessa Masters
Steven! Hold still I'll get it."

Connie cried, her Sword held up in a fencer's stance as she tried to look for an opportunity to thrust at the creature without hitting Steven.

She didn't get the chance however as the young Gem-hybrid's flailing eventually led to his shield crashing against a nearby wall, a sickening "Splat" filling the air as the surface of the shield was quickly covered in a viscous green slime that was all that remained of the attacker.

"Oh no! I'm sorry!"

He cried, pulling the now slime-caked shield away from the wall and desperately trying to wave off the creatures remains.

"Huh, no Gem.."

Connie commented, analyzing the goop, from a respectable distance of course.

Was this thing simply an animal rather than any kind of corrupted gem creature? Connie couldn't recall any green subterranean beasts in any of her zoology studies.

"Do you think it's some kind of byproduct of the corrupted gems? Like the mini centipedes, you mentioned centipeedle spawned?"

"I-I don't think so, those still poofed."

Steven answered back, still horrified at the creature he'd apparently destroyed.

But the two had little time to dwell as rough, growling sound started echoing through the cave.

The pair looked up, and very quickly a multitude of bright, glowing eyes glaring out of the shadows indicated where the sound had come from.

"Uhh...Connie, I don't think they accepted my apology."

The young Gem hybrid admitted, steeling himself as they heard a few of the creatures scrabble down.


Smokes! Holy smokes!


Oh, more please!
9/29/2020 c5 Vanessa Masters
"I must say that was some rather impressive martial artistry, Why I hadn't spear-work like that since the ancient hoplites."

"Please, who do you think they learned from?"

She replied haughtily, spinning her polearm in order to prove her point.

That response was more than a little surprising to blinky, who hadn't expected her to be so open about her strange longevity with what she thought was a human.

Perhaps she was merely jesting, although he doubted she'd make jokes quite so close to what he'd figured was the truth.

"You'll have to forgive me if I'm slow on the uptake, you're not honestly suggesting you're several millennia old, are you?"

He asked, attempting to fish out a more reasonable answer.

"More than a few."

She answered back with little more than a shrug.

While he found her nonchalance on the admission to be off-putting, he decided her answer wasn't going to change, for whatever reason she seemed confident in revealing herself to humanity at large.

"Well then, I suppose being so long lived, you'd know the history of this little town better than anyone."

The former troll stated, hoping a further appeal might at least give him more insight into this strange place where the magic was almost commonplace.

"Of course, I was here when it was founded just a few hundred years ago. Poor Dewey wouldn't have made it to shore without our help."

Blinky gave a measured chuckle at her statement, recalling his own time stowing away to this continent on the Mayflower and the various stops and flubs made by the crewman.

"That's hardly surprising, seems like everyone was fumbling their way into the new world, Though I don't recall Dewey being an English name ."

"It was Dutch I think, granted I didn't know him all that well, people tend to come and go, sometimes I hardly even notice."

She admitted, her tone becoming somewhat somber towards the end of her thought, which Blinky noted, even as his own thoughts turned towards his young charges and how even with his considerable head-start on them, they'd likely run through their own lifespan before he did.

Was she thinking of the same thing? Remembering some mortal companion that she'd come to outlive. Either way, Blinky could see the tragedy of the situation and felt a sudden sympathy for the Fae who'd seemingly opened her heart to humanity.

Well, and they get on quite well, sharing history.

Oh no, a secret tomb?! Jasper and Jamie working together!

This is super good!
9/29/2020 c4 Vanessa Masters
Hahah! Arrgh! Oh of all the houses, you break into Stevens and Pearl shows up?


"You having fun?"

She asked, realizing too late how silly the question sounded. Why else would he be here if he wasn't trying to find some way to entertain himself during the weekend.

"I guess, I was actually hoping to meet someone here."

Oh, I guess that's why.

"Who? Kevin?"

"What...No...Kevin's just helping me meet up with her."


Claire teased, suddenly the source of the boy's worries made a bit more sense.

"I really messed up, I just...I want her to talk to her again, tell her how sorry I am."

He sniffled slightly, tears very quickly starting to form on the sides of his eyes. Though he seemed to be trying to hold himself back from full-on crying in front of a stranger.

Almost immediately she felt her heart sink as she watched this kid trying not to burst into tears in front of her. Her objective momentarily forgotten.

"Hey, No tears. Look, Kevin's clearly...busy, so why don't I help you? We can go meet with her together."

Kneeling down, she put a hand on his shoulder, earning a small smile from the younger teen as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

"Thanks, I'm Steven by the way."

"Claire, and you're welcome. But if you'd like to repay me, maybe you could answer a few questions."

She said with a smile.

Awww Claire, you are a good gal. _
9/29/2020 c3 Vanessa Masters

Oh, that changlings tale, sad.

Yeah, return the books and we see how peridot loves her pumpkin.


Shrugging, Steven simply looked for where he'd left off and continued to read.

"The conditions of the spell were simple, as long as the baby remained in Avalon unharmed the troll would be able to take on it's form. It would look, feel, and even smell like their son, an illusion complete enough to baffle the most respected of healers."

That gave Steven pause, he knew shapeshifting was usually in the purview of the gems. They could shapeshift to match different forms, even his own, though their color was always the same and they couldn't hold it for long.

Was that what they where this legend had come from? were there gems who were taking the place of humans? shape-shifting into children and stealing lives?

That didn't make sense, why would a gem want to act like a human? Most didn't seem to think much of them, even Garnet, Amythest and Pearl had trouble interacting with them sometimes.

Shaking his head he resumed reading, doing his best to silence that line of thinking.


Oh, I wonder if the diamonds would win against Gunmar. I think it’s possible.
9/29/2020 c2 Vanessa Masters
Now I want to see a pic of Jaime as a changlings.


Unfortunatly his appeal did little to sway Garnet who simply shook her head and turned away from him.

"It's better that you don't know. I'm sorry about what happened to you, sorry that we failed to protect you, but you need to stay as far away from this as possible."

Frustration and desperation flickered in Jamie's mind, in spite of, or perhaps aided by the ambiant feeling he still had for Garnet.

With a speed that surprised even himself he grabbed Garnets shoulder. Completely forgetting the obvious danger in assaulting a trained gem warrior.

Steven looked upon the exchange in shock, Having always recognized the Mailman as relatively timid and nonconfrontational.

"Don't turn your back on me!"

The mailman snarled, his voice becoming low and unnaturally gutteral. And while he didn't have a great view of the situation Steven could have sworn Jamie's eyes shifted from brown to bright red, though he quickly dismissed it as a trick of the light.

Garnet slowly turned around, her face still betraying no emotion whatsoever. And unsurprisingly Jamie's backbone seemed to leave him as suddenly as it came about, as he quickly pulled his hand away from her and apologized profusely, cowing quickly under the prospect of angering the Gem.

"I'm sorry Garnet I don't know what came over me..."


"..I meant no disrespect fair Garnet."


"...and offer my humblest apologies."


Startled out of his rant, Jamie held his arms defensively over his face.

"It's alright Jamie

She stated calmly as she patted the panicing actor on the shoulder.

"I-It is?"

"I understand you're afraid. If there was more to tell you I would, but the truth is, homeworld has changed in the millenia we've been away. We can't tell what information is still relevant right now."

Jamie doubted that highly, but persuing the point directly didn't seem to be getting him anywhere.

"I see, sorry for the inconvieniance Garnet."


Garnet is kind. At least she explained why she couldn’t tell him anything.

Poor Jamie and after he helped Steven out. He’s just frantic.
9/29/2020 c1 Vanessa Masters
He hated it, feeling so powerless, whether it was being bent to Gunmar's will in the darklands, being browbeaten into line by his superiors at the Janus Order, and recently being captured and held hostage by a couple of alien freaks it seemed like everything in and outside of this infernal world could smell the misfortune upon him.

Such a worthless excuse for an impure, I wonder if it would even be worth the effort to Remake him after shattering his will.

Ah, a mailman, first human specimen on yellow diamonds list and first step towards getting off of this miserable rock, well, hop to it Topaz.

Jamie didn't know how long he sat there, slumped to the floor in defeat, as he reflected on all the injustices set upon him, nor was he sure when exactly he'd managed to get himself to bed through all the ruminating and self pity.

All that he knew was that he couldn't live this way anymore, Gunmar, the Order of Janus, whoever this "Yellow Diamond" was, he knew right then and there if he was to have any hope of survival, he'd have to strike first.

"Everything can be used to further ones goals."

He repeated, as he drifted off to peaceful slumber for the first time in several days.


He’s a changlings?! Wow! O.o
12/2/2019 c6 Matt
9/28/2019 c6 2Steven Pogi
Are you still there? I was just getting hooked to the story!
7/12/2019 c6 31MythMaker258
I wonder how the Gems will interact with the other aliens in the Trollhunter Universe. Will the Diamond Authority and Gems be seen as a incredibly powerful and dangerous empire by the Tarron Royal Family? So exciting!
6/22/2019 c6 Guest
write more
3/23/2019 c6 4Critica7
Please update this story!
3/2/2019 c6 Chatina2314
Still plans to continue this series? Because I love this. It's amazing how you managed to put together 2 series that have nothing in common and make it work. I totally imagine the interaction between the Crystal Gems and the Troll Hunters.
I'll be waiting for a new update.
2/2/2019 c6 DraconeKing
Pretty good stuff, here! Nice fic.
1/14/2019 c6 AAARRRGGHH
are you still continuing this series? Cause I love it!
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