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for Last Night

1/13/2018 c4 youcantmakemee
ooooohhh... I love Nick taking care of Jess! and the sleeping on the couch, the closeness, the kiss... I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS. THANK YOU!
1/3/2018 c4 obsessedwotps
Amazing. Well done. I love Jess taking charge lol and the whole encounter between CeCe and Jess
12/28/2017 c3 Guest
Thanks for the update. Kefp going, they have to kiss. Hopefully when jees feels better.
12/30/2017 c3 5loadofschmidt
Omg I live for this kind of fluffy drama. Honestly. 11/10
12/29/2017 c3 25Newgirlystuff
HAHAHA YES NICHOLAS, YOU DID SAY IT OUT LOUD. Also snuggling on the couch? CUTE CUTE CUTE. And the way you've written the words Jess says was just so visual, "Nig"!
12/28/2017 c2 Newgirlystuff
Nick taking care of a sick Jess? After confessing he wants to kiss her but not doing it because Gentleman!Nick? *maniac laughter* SIGN ME UP!
12/26/2017 c2 5loadofschmidt
Surely you’re not about to make us wait for the next chapter?
12/24/2017 c1 loadofschmidt
Oh my gosh I’m in love already. Can’t wait for more!
12/24/2017 c1 25Newgirlystuff
Nick... KISS HER, KISS HER, KISS HER! I'm such a sucker for the "not like this" Gentleman! Nick and I can't believe they would try to reuse that line with Reagan, because NO. Simply NO. I loved your descriptions of the ocean in this story and I love that you chose this episode, because to this day it's one of my favorites still. Also CANNOT WAIT for next chapter- KISS HER, KISS HER, KISS HER!

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