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5/21/2021 c38 SarahOlivier
Caleb is right. Tris is a bitch
3/7/2021 c44 Guest
Are you not going to finish this story?
But anyways it was a reallly great story
And i love every other story youve written
Thanks for writing amazing stories
2/2/2021 c43 paula'08
I knew the posted chapters would come to an end before we knew how the story actually ended, but any story of yours is worth-reading, even if it isn't complete. So here I am. I can only say that I'm glad Tris and Tobias at least exchanged some words before his surgery. Hope Eric would come out okay out of it. Thanks for such amazing work.
2/2/2021 c42 paula'08
Woah, six kids is a lot of children. Hope Tris and Tobias work things out soon enough
2/2/2021 c41 paula'08
Master pranksters. Oliver seems sketchy
2/2/2021 c40 paula'08
Zeke can be so oblivious sometimes!
2/2/2021 c39 paula'08
Their first date was really cute. Hope Sunshine transfers, Lynn seems happy just talking about her much to her denial
2/2/2021 c38 paula'08
Go Tris! If Caleb had actually worked hard in PE he would've been first. Oh, the irony.
I'm positive my reaction to Tris and Tobias being together was that of Uriah's. Glad he's with Marlene, too!
2/2/2021 c37 paula'08
Anyone on peace serum is in for a treat, even Nat and Max, lol. Tris is a pranking genious and everybody knows it. I loved the present they gave Max. It's funny how I'd nearly forgotten about Caleb, it's obvious he doesn't even try to be included in the activities, so much so that he was surprised to be featured in the present. Really Caleb?
So happy about the way Tobias got to celebrate his birthday, he totally deserves that. I don't know if I liked the presents better..., or that kiss in the end of the chapter!
2/2/2021 c36 paula'08
Well we certainly found out just how funny Zeke can be. Too bad it was a bad combination with the alcohol poisoining, hope he's okay and doesn't go crazy, ends up drinking something and has to go back to the infirmary. Hopefully he listens to Shauna.
Many things have happened up until now and Tobias has told Tris about his past, but the fact that he gave her access to his apartment might as well be what's made me the happiest.
2/2/2021 c35 paula'08
Tris on peace serum is always hilarious. Can't imagine how Zeke could get any more amusing and goofy than he already is, but I guess it's possible, lol
2/2/2021 c34 paula'08
Sounds like Xavier shouldn't be in a position to question other people's loyalty to Dauntless when he's the one who's been deep in with Erudite.
Happy Tris was there for Tobias after a hard day for him, they're cute.
2/2/2021 c33 paula'08
Glad their plan worked out. Good to see Jeanine is as Jeanine as ever
2/2/2021 c32 paula'08
I'm glad that Eric and Tris are getting along, seems like they have the same goal. Well of course Evelyn would show up and mess with Tobias' head. Selfless as he is, though, I have no doubt he'll talk to her again for the sake of Dauntless and Max's wishes
2/2/2021 c31 paula'08
Excited to see where Tobias and Tris stand. Also excited about what awaits them before Tris, Uri and the rest's choosing
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