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8/15/2018 c34 Guest
please do allegiant uncovered!
8/15/2018 c34 dauntless-will-live-forever
This is such a good story and it has me laughing all the time. You just have a very good way of writing and I am dying to read more about the little terrors that max and Nat call kids if I can ask something I wish to see cal and Tris gettin along and Nat should tell him about what happened on visiting day I think that he could be a real dauntless if he hung out more with others
8/14/2018 c34 14It'sHardIKnow
bye evelyn
8/14/2018 c34 Ifdy
Just two things: didn't they think about what Jeanine told Eric in the last chapter about Xavier? Or wasn't it obvious enough to make any decision about him that she practically told about one of the leaders was kind of a plant even if he was useless? And the other, well, Mikey got the idea of the rainbow directly from Max, he should watch what he says in front of his kids more carefully, lol :D
8/14/2018 c33 Ifdy
What a b*tch this woman is! Does she really think she can remove her from leadership? Despite how intelligent she is, she made a mistake with being blindsided by her own intentions. I still hate her :D
8/11/2018 c34 PotatoBaby
Heyyyy I know this had nothing to do with this fan fiction I was just wondering when you were gonna make ‘Alliegiant Uncovered’ cuz I like really want to read it and I really hope you didn’t end the Uncovered series thing because it was actually really good and I loved it kk thanks, I know you probably won’t read this tho lol
8/12/2018 c34 18Anonymous Girl Gamer
I loved the Fourtris part! They really are a well-matched couple. And the part where Mikey painted the rainbow was hilarious. I think in one way it would be better if Max was drunk when he saw it, but on the other hand there's always the next day (and I think a hangover might make him even angrier). Great job!
8/11/2018 c34 16Charms22
Aww the FourTris part makes my heart melt
8/11/2018 c34 sineoneontnee
Sometimes I wonder if Jeanine and Evelyn are related in some way. They are both Erudite born and they both want to control the city.
8/11/2018 c34 enj412
Nice FourTris moment.
8/11/2018 c34 59CloakSeeker
Plot thickens, and aw.. FourTris moments are so precious. Love them. Can't wait for more.
8/7/2018 c33 twilightobsessed40873a
I so hope Natalie gets the chance to kick Jeanine's ass!
8/7/2018 c33 14It'sHardIKnow
looool love this
shit is about to go down
8/5/2018 c33 goldensnitch1
Ugh Jeanine. Such a bitch. I’m glad Dauntless technology got past her. I can’t wait to see how Eric reacts. I hope he doesn’t decide to help her. I don’t think he will. Can they go to Candor with this? Cant wait for the next update!
8/5/2018 c33 18Anonymous Girl Gamer
Fantastic chapter!
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