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2/2 c30 paula'08
Jeanine is horrible! Glad Eric is feeling at home in Dauntless, I love stories where he's with the good guys. Poor him, though, to be related to that monster
2/1 c29 paula'08
This was such a beautiful chapter, it actually left me in tears, but that's okay because they were happy tears. Happy that they're in Dauntless together, happy that she was his strength when he needed it.
2/1 c28 paula'08
Their reunion was perfect. Them realizing who they were, Uri fangirling over Four being there, then realizing who he was, too. Tarny trying to get their attention, Uri's fall. Just loved every minute of it. Can't wait for Tris and Tobias to have a chance to talk
2/1 c27 paula'08
Tris hates him without even knowing he's the kid she knocked out in Tobias' defense. This is bound to be an interesting reunion. Can't wait for her and Tobias to see each other again the most, though.
2/1 c26 paula'08
Glad Zeke’s okay. It was so funny to read about Max and Nate's pranks from when they were younger. Hope Tris and Tobias see each other again soon!
2/1 c25 paula'08
Well she might think that he didn’t transfer, but from what I gathered he's the boy who was having a nightmare right before their prank. Funniest thing is Tarny saying both Eric and Four are cute without knowing who Four actually is and how much he means to Tris :)
2/1 c24 paula'08
Can't wait for Tris and Tobias to meet again! Hope he does become friends with Shauna and Zeke, and I can only imagine he'll be at the Visiting Day meal with the whole family. Laughed out loud when Max said he knew Tris and Tobias would happen at some point but that he'd rather put it off for the time being, lol
2/1 c23 paula'08
Dauntless dynasty at its finest
2/1 c22 paula'08
Another encounter with Tobias, just what I needed. Tris is always underestimating herself, maybe not her strength in this story, but her physique. It's along the lines with her personality, but it's still sad for her to look down on herself when when she's such an amazing person even at 14. I bet Caleb will go ballistic if Tris aces that test, lol
2/1 c21 paula'08
I can't imagine Tris staying out of transfers dorms, though not for the reasons Max might think.
2/1 c20 paula'08
The anklets thing is so funny, specially the fact that Eric and Peter of all people ended up surrounded by Dauntless soldiers. Max's reaction was also hilarious. I'm happy Tris has opened up about what happened during Visiting Day, and also about her seeing Tobias for a second time! Little to no time to go before he transfers! Eek!
2/1 c19 paula'08
I love how close the group is, well, except for Caleb, lol. It's so sweet that Tris would tattoo all of those names important to her
2/1 c18 paula'08
Excited to be reading this story after so long! Caleb totslly deserved that punishment, he practically asked for it
5/8/2020 c44 1IsiPotterJackson
New reader here, I love all your histories and specially One dauntless night, Prior Warning and this one, I read your Author’s note and I hope you are doing well now, specially with the coronavirus, I hope you can continue this history now if you are inspired, I will love to see both Tobias and Eric well (never thought I will think this that of Eric ) anyways I love your writing (I read your histories in a couple of days) I will love to see Peter meeting this Tris thanks for your histories they are wonderful ️️
12/23/2019 c18 SarahOlivier
Tris is just as arrogant as Caleb is
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