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11/3/2019 c44 bianconiglio
I really hope you're fine. All the best and good luck with your health!
10/28/2019 c44 Ruqaiyya
Pls get well soon
I'm really looking forward for the end
I hope the last chapter was a dream...
4/24/2019 c44 00-night-eyes-00
Love it looking forward to more. Hope you are getting better.
3/9/2019 c44 CarissaCampbell
I'll pray that your health issues taken care of quickly! I really enjoy this story and will be patiently waiting for your updates.
2/24/2019 c44 18Anonymous Girl Gamer
So sorry for not writing a review earlier! Hope Four and Eric are okay - and most importantly of all, I hope you get better soon too. Your health comes before any fanfic.
2/11/2019 c44 5Jojoboo90
Oh no! All my love and support to You! Hope you get well ASAP
2/11/2019 c43 Jojoboo90
Omg I really hope Tobias and Eric will be okay! Poor tris must be devastated knowing they still have so much to talk about
2/4/2019 c44 Guest
your health comes first. Take care of yourself and we’ll all be here waiting when your ready to return to writing these story’s x
2/5/2019 c44 3SugarFreeSeason
Focus on you, heal up and do what you need to.
Don't worry about your readers, health always needs to come first
2/3/2019 c44 goldensnitch1
You are an amazingly strong person to do what you are doing. Take care of you and we will be here for you when you are ready.
2/3/2019 c43 goldensnitch1
Oh crap. I’m happy Tris finally came around and realized how wrong she was. I hope it’s not too late and Four (and Eric) is ok.
2/3/2019 c44 enj412
Take care of yourself. That is all that matters right now. I hope you feel better very soon.
2/3/2019 c43 enj412
Quite a cliffhanger. I hope Tobias is okay.
2/3/2019 c44 paula'08
You will be in my thoughts every day even if it's just for a second. Until then, I hope I'll have caught up on the stories I'm following so you can be proud of me. I have already told you everything, but always put your own health first, it's the most important without comparison.
Love you very, very much. xx
2/3/2019 c44 2ravenclawdemigod02
It's okay. Your health will always come first to your readers. Hope you get well soon and have a complete recovery.
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