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12/30/2018 c41 goldensnitch1
Ugh I hope they figure out the best way to take out the factionless. I say blow up the buildings or something.

The toilet flushing prank was hilarious. I can’t wait to see what they do this year!
12/30/2018 c41 16Charms22
I love your story so much
12/24/2018 c20 Alexturtle36
Caleb needs to either meet Andrew or be told that Andrew doesn't want kids or even know that he has kids. It would be a major wake up call for him, and it needs to happen before he chooses.
12/18/2018 c40 Jojoboo90
I find zekes cluelessness quite funny lol can't wait to see his reaction when he finds out that tris is Beatrice. I don't know if i want Caleb to leave or stay. He seems undecided himself. Really glad you're back by the way! Was so excited to see you ppst :D
12/18/2018 c39 Jojoboo90
Aaawwwwwww! I loved this date. Was so sweet and tender and romantic! Cant wait to read the next chapter. Im also curious as to how Lynn and Sunshine met
12/18/2018 c40 CarissaCampbell
I love this! I've have always wondered what it would have been like if their parents had been in a different faction. I really love how you made them cousins, and added Max into the story.
12/16/2018 c40 Guest
buh dum ksh
12/17/2018 c40 27cjgwilliams
One thing that has always bothered me about the cuts in trainees is that Dauntless never seemed to realize that it gave factionless an advantage. you had people trained in Dauntless techniques, hand to hand, weapons, who were now bitter and could pass on at least a piece of that training to others. it was ridiculously self defeating.
12/16/2018 c40 18Anonymous Girl Gamer
Fantastic chapter as always!
12/16/2018 c40 goldensnitch1
Yay! You’re back!

Yes, all of Dauntless will talk when they know They’re together, but who cares.

I’m dying that Zeke has no clue who Beatrice is.

Is ruthless Eric going to come out?
12/16/2018 c40 7Not So Cliche
Good chapter, I hope Caleb stays in Dauntless. Its getting all the more real with Tris only having a year until her initiation. Also I liked the part in the cafeteria with Zeke, cant wait to see his reaction when he realises that Tris is Beatrice and that she is dating Four.
Good going!
12/16/2018 c40 16Charms22
Haha Zeke is so clueless
12/16/2018 c40 14It'sHardIKnow
Poor Zeke
12/15/2018 c40 sineoneontnee
I think that Xavier is working for Jeanine
12/14/2018 c39 18Anonymous Girl Gamer
Very interesting to see the contrast between Tris and Tobias's childhood highlighted in this chapter. To be honest I think neither of the factions raise their children as well as they could: the Dauntless children end up being too wild and the Abnegation children, too reserved. I guess that's just another flaw in the faction system: their offspring suffer in some ways by being expected to act a certain way.
So happy to see this story being updated again and I'm so excited for more!
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