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1/28/2020 c5 Starlord Master
Sensei is strong, Sensei survive!
1/28/2020 c4 Starlord Master
Nya tries so hard.
1/28/2020 c3 Starlord Master
Snow has its moments of awesomeness.
1/28/2020 c2 Starlord Master
Good times.
1/28/2020 c1 Starlord Master
Jay is a natural comedian.
1/1/2019 c5 7KitKatTheCrazyFangirl
That was wonderful! Very good, RD!
5/12/2018 c5 Guest
I prefer guard dragons instead. Great job! This story is really good! Keep it up!
2/20/2018 c5 lightfootk
I really like the story chapter 3 was probably my favourite but I love the rest of the story to, the fluff between the ninja was really nice.
Happy writing!
1/26/2018 c2 BlueButterflyGirl1
Jay needs his cookie lol
1/7/2018 c5 13NinjaTaleFan19
You were the RD who reviewed on my one story way back when, thanks for that. This was a nice, short, fanfic and it was amazing. Keep it coming with the great fanfics!
1/6/2018 c1 BlueButterflyGirl1
Love it poor kai tho
12/29/2017 c5 8ABCSKW123-IX
Heyyy! I didn't know you'd made an account, RD. Nice to see it. And you've already posted and finished a fic! That's better than I've ever managed, and I've been here ages. :'D

Love the cover image, too! Did you draw that? :0

Anyway, I don't too often see fics set in the pilot season anymore! Kai's initial guarded demeanor around everyone else definitely makes for good fic. And nice job showcasing how worried he is for Nya. Sighs. Poor guy.

You did mention that your favorite was Kai in your TIWTW review, so ... makes sense your first fic's about him.

I liked the little things like Cole just trying to keep this messy hodge-podge of a group together, and Zane just using his sixth sense and picking up on parts of their personality that no one else quite can, and Jay's ... tendency to let his mouth run away with him, when he's feeling heated or otherwise. *winces* I've been there, buddy.
Kinda wish he'd apologized, though ...

"Would it have killed Sensei to get a guard dog like a regular person?" BYE.
12/28/2017 c5 34StoriesAreMagic
Oh, Jay. I'm shaking my head at you, but I'm smiling. You're a goof.
12/28/2017 c4 StoriesAreMagic
"What about your family?" "Do not worry about my past. At the moment your only concern should be finding your sister." Awww, Zane's sweet, trying to keep Kai thinking about helping Nya over worrying about him.
12/28/2017 c3 StoriesAreMagic
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