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4h c8 30DalkonCledwin
There are a couple instances in this chapter where you’ve used the word “her” in reference to Sirzechs, which is definitely the wrong gender pronoun.

According to your own estimates on Devil fertility rates, Ruval should be at least 20 years older than the Unnamed Second Son, who would in turn be approximately 20 years older than Riser, who should himself be at least 20 years older than Ravel. Ravel is 15 years old during the fourth season of High School DxD, with that season taking place during the very same school semester as the first season. This means that Ruval should be at least 75 years of age as of the current chapter. This is actually possible because, according to Ddraig, the average devil has a virtually unlimited lifespan.

Someone from Japan would refer to the Red Power Ranger as “Sentai Red”, since the Power Rangers series is an incredibly bad adaptation of the Super Sentai franchise.
1/19 c10 reaperofsanity
i was really hoping he would kill the fucker
1/19 c7 DalkonCledwin
72! There are 72 Pillars of the Underworld, not 32!

Better be careful, Harry, else you’ll soon have a smitten nun to deal with...
1/17 c17 confusedw00kie
I find it interesting that they seem so affronted by the MACUSA tracking them when they have a similar and in ways MORE invasive system covering Kuoh. They can literally track everyone who enters their territory and tell what they are. But they are upset with someone else doing it?

Could be I’m looking at it wrong.
1/16 c5 FriggleBerry
For such a long and large story it has a remarkable quantity of spelling errors, missing words and grammar mistakes
1/15 c6 DalkonCledwin
I kind of feel bad for Hermione, if she ever did fulfill that threat it would likely be the last thing she, or anyone in Europe, ever did. Sirzechs simply wouldn’t be happy.

And of course, if anyone will know exactly who Rias is, or what family she is from, it will be Andromeda Tonks (nee Black)!

No one was burned at the Stake in Salem, Massachusetts! That was only ever done in Europe, and the specific instance of the flame freezing charm being done in response to someone being burned at the stake was in relation to said European witch trials!
1/13 c1 FriggleBerry
I’m gonna assume he’s a slightly smaller and thinner van helsing style WW because that’s what I want and all of the 80-90s style WW from comics I could find corroborate it
1/11 c9 Re Lovely Lover
I sincerely hope that creature is killed off and the sooner the better. Also that not just Yunabella but the whole peerage is freed. I'll be very disappointed if it's just Yunabella.

VERY much hate Issei. Cant stand his character and it's too the point I dont even bother with stories where he is AU because I'm not willing to bother with finding out just how much he is different. If they were going to alter him then it wouldve been better to just make their own OC instead of using the annoying little shit.

So saying that, I VERY much hope this story doesnt twist somehow having Kala, Akeno, Koneko and the like ending up with him. I'm already annoyed with Kala's situation and the alterations to canon with Rias and Akeno to the degree theres been so much damn drama with them sharing him. Really dont need the drama, there's enough going on and it's just unpleasant.

Though young Rias and Akeno should understand eoth how they were raised despite being in a human highschool that they have lifespans in the thousands of years if I'm not mistaken. Lily being young for another decade before shes more independent. This stuff with Akeno is really freaking annoying.

I dont care that shes different than canon but this is just irritating. With this potential hinting at her ending up with Issei just wrecking my mood reading this. I dont even understand how with how well everything between them has been and the attraction that it's so quickly "falling apart" and so easily at that.

It feels more like "it just is because it is" more than anything else. (((Drama for the sake of it.)))

Like her so called NEED for sadism that so important to her that came from who knows where. Shes what 18? She clearly wasnt like that as a little girl. So for some reason in just a handful of years giving and receiving physical pain in a relationship has become so important to her when she's never even been in one for that matter that its becoming a deal breaker not being able to do so. Seriously what the hell.

Besides I'm sure once thet actually cross the damn line and screw eachother she would find herself plenty satisfied and not caring much about such plays. Theres other plays and such besides those as well that are more tolerable. It's a bit ridiculous and very annoying like I said with this and a few years out if thousands potentially together that hes spending focusing on his single digit aged daughter.

I'm still hoping Koneko actually joins eventually despite this daughter stuff in the coming years. Lifespans in the thousands of years like was said and though with the young girls alot. Just because shes petite like a lot of japanese girls/women doesnt mean shes like Kunou and Lily which sometimes it feels like shes in that grouping.

Aaaand I just got to them breaking up a moment ago. Now forcing myself to finish the chapter. Spent a few mintues debating just doing something else. Needless freaking drama. And so damned casual. So much touchy feelings and connection early on and then it's like nothing happened and the fetish is all that matters while openly displaying it at all times.

I'll honestly probably skim the rest. I just want to get the chapter over with at this point.

Cant comment on the lemon. Barely awake and far too annoyed to bother with it. Cant agree with the comment at the end either about Akeno.

Am I the only one that feels like Rias got a personality upgrade/alter while Akeno got a downgrade/alter?

Anyway I need sleep now. No clue if I'll come back to this but I definitely dont have the desire to right now.

A Third Path To The Future got my attention big time. This would be my second story I'm reading and the relationship handling/drama with the character alterations have just been unpleasant for me in this story. Less so for Rias. I really like romance. A story can be without it for me but if it has it and makes it unpleasant than it usually kills it for me.

How many times did this chapter have Rias just coming out and saying that she has no issue with Yasaka joining. The huge busted, gorgeous, powerful, faction leader who came from nowhere wanting in the relationship. Yet theres no problem at all from the start but both her and Akeno who're best friends and basically sisters kept feeling jealous.

Nah. I need sleep now.
1/10 c5 BobSquirrelKing
A thought struck while reading this chapter and thinking about other stories of yours I have read: you are really good at writing from the point of view of megalomaniacal nutjobs who think the world exists solely to bow down to them...

Is there something you want to tell us? Just remember, taking over the world means a lot of paperwork, unless you want to be surprised by your minions throwing a coup.
1/6 c6 confusedw00kie
Loving the story so far, only issue I’m seeing is that this chapter ignored the things that happened last chapter with Loup. (As a side note i find it humorous that you called him that. As that’s just another name for werewolf)

Last chapter Loup managed to control the wolf and according to the text his form when under control changed to resemble Harry’s. So it makes no sense that harry’s form changed because of the Phoenix tears.

There were some other inconsistencies but I’ve slept since i read them so i guess I’ll have to re read this fic to find them. Darn
1/6 c10 Rokai666
I'm kinda curious why Harry hasn't bit anyone. it's kinda obvious that your Phoenix werewolf is quite a bit stronger and faster than just about everyone especially with the control that Harry could teach the only downside is your healing factor doesn't work against silver. It's probably not effective on someone who isn't human or at least born human so it wouldn't work for Koneko and Rias, but Tonks should have definitely been bit.
1/4 c22 Tomon
I'm pretty behind on reviewing this stories, eh.
Hard to sum up such number of awesome thing. I really loved the whole Tir Na Nog saga. Especially as I'm recently encountering it in several version and it's truly fun to compare.
I also hope the dog is Cú Chulainn :)

Otherwise I can only praise how amazing it all was. Truly an excellent job
1/2 c22 6deacon94
Gonna take a guess and say the dog is the Hound of Ulster. Your gonna make fate grand order/ stay night fans lose their minds if that is the case. Added bonus I live in Ulster and this is the first time I'm actually learning celtic mythology.
12/31/2020 c3 Phryck
It’s red rice your we’re thinking of.
1/1 c12 tlacompte
So far loving this! The romance part of the fic has heaps of wholesome moments but also... I guess, flirtier or naughtier moments. Also, I'm a straight guy but Harry is a DILF dialed up to 15 and is best husbando. Plot wise is a bit slow but I still enjoy it and find it intriguing. Well, I don't know if slow is how to describe it and I don't know how to. It's a similar feeling to A Third Path To The Future and I guess it's a symptom of very open ended stories. The knowledge that after a conflict is resolved, another will just pop up soon after kind of deadens the satisfaction. Well, I better get back to reading. Remember, U Da Bes
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