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5/16 c6 Jake the Snake
Looking forward to see the interrogation.
5/16 c4 Jake the Snake
The original Heracles was really unpleasant, not like Kevin Sorbo at all.
5/16 c7 28Kairan1979
I'm not sorry Issei lost the Sacred Gear. For me it was like giving Thor's hammer to Stanley Tweedle.
5/15 c3 Kairan1979
Interesting chapter.
5/6 c31 ulttoanova
I absolutely loved this chapter. I can't wait to see the next chapter, this is one of my two favorites among your stories after all alongside Bhaalson Remodel
5/6 c31 ElementalMaster16
This is an awesome chapter! I think Harry is willing to give perhaps a bit too much away with his deal for too little in return, or perhaps more accurately. His misplaced guilt and desire to not stand at the helm seems to have made him do so.

Looking forward to the wrap up!
5/6 c31 moozga
This story is simply great, can't wait to read more!
5/3 c31 Guest
like Rias laying down the law, nice scene with the blessing at work on the potter family. kinda love how Shiva and Parvati were portrayed
5/4 c31 4Okaze
Another absolutely amazing chapter! I'm really eager to see where things go from here, though it's a shame to get confirmation that Dawn Healing is truly gone.
5/4 c31 StabbingFate
I wondered when Harry would become a full god, though i would have thought his harem members would have also gained part of the power. I’m glad to be putting the pharaohs away for now, they were disgusting to watch. I know Issei has grown up, a little, but I would honestly still prefer any ladies to go to Harry because i just don’t like Issei. Over all I’ve loved this story and look forward to what comes next.
5/4 c31 9Dragon Man 180
The Wizarding world politicians are not going to have a good day any time soon. I can’t wait to see what comes next, but Asia’s impromptu sermon brought tears to my eyes, well done!
5/4 c31 Rebell 01
Asia is going to medical school?
5/3 c31 3WhiteElfElder
I wonder how much closer to being a god Harry has grown, and how far along the demi-god line Asia and Lily have gone now too? With the increase in power will Asia gain new abilities...maybe along the lines of healing she is so used to doing?

I wonder how much of that was heard and seen by the ICW wumps and Rias?

Hopefully the food last long enough, and the water clean enough, for everyone to harvest it before everything reverts.
5/3 c31 jeremiahkelley93
Great chapter.
5/3 c31 midnightscar17
Yayy another great chapter. I cant wait to see the end of Egypt.
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