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4/28/2023 c28 1XThiagoX
Meu irmão, continue!1
4/13/2023 c28 Guest
I'm sad this hasn't been updated I'm so long
4/10/2023 c26 kajoshin
Awesome chapter but I seem to remember you giving the dog the rook piece not the knight one.
3/14/2023 c28 alsdjhfgljkwebgh
How do you write 1.2 million words and then just give it up? Eesh, you're built different.

In the brain dead sense.
3/2/2023 c13 Isharioth666
Fight was well written. it it honestly seemed too hard.
strengthwise harry should be stronger magically and physcally.
moreover tve wards were up. if they can hinder a maou for a short time it should be possible to debuff kokabiel at least one level and hurt him constantly. and breaking it shouldnt be possible in a fast way especially while distracted.
3/2/2023 c10 Isharioth666
Disappointed in the ending. all the big talk and then whimping out at the end.

and his objections because of his family are relative... especially with what he did before.

Thats like sparing the old. english after their atrocious acts in scottland and ireland or the church who burned women alive after torturing them and being like "no they. cant face punishment because others are watching..."
3/2/2023 c2 Damien Evermere
*lolicon* if a guy admits to being a lolita theyre admitting to being an anime female who is of age but certainly doesnt look it.
2/11/2023 c28 TheEarthquake
Finally got to latest chapter, I doubly wish this gets more chapters because there's no way imagination would beat at least 1 or 2 more chapters to end this arc, which I rate as the best so far.
2/6/2023 c11 Ltbutterfly287
I would like to say that Fawkes was Dumbledores familiar and completely independent from hogwarts. If anything Fawkes was never involved with the school till Dumbledore, also your comment about hogwarts only having headmasters is false because there are at least 2-3 female ones we know about. To many people in the HP fandom assume that because the magical world shared some customs with dark ages nobility that they were exactly the same in every regard.
2/3/2023 c8 Ltbutterfly287
Ok for starters I would like to say that you are going out of your way to create logic and limitations to how magic works in the weirdest ways. The idea that you can't transfigure a bunk bed is ridiculous doesn't help that a master at the art can turn a ball into a life size dragon. Another thing is that it feels like you are making the magical community equal to the devils and other beings like them, that's ridiculous cause no wizard can casually level entire mountains as where any high rank devil could.
2/3/2023 c7 Ltbutterfly287
I would like to say that Manannan wasn't a god in celtic mythology though, he was a king of great renown and was legendary but never a god. So I honestly fail to see why harry would have power over souls. Now I don't remember which pantheon you are using here but Aed would be your Irish/Welsh god you need and Arawn would be the Celtic one.
2/2/2023 c4 Ltbutterfly287
Honestly if there is one thing I can't agree with it's harrys ignorance towards the different factions in the world. Honestly DXD they are all so blatant it's impossible for wizards to not be aware of them.
2/2/2023 c3 Ltbutterfly287
Akenos father didn't abandon them he was there for them. But he still had a job to do which took him away from them and here mother died while he was away. Honestly Akeno hating her father always came off as childish and idiotic, especially for someone who is 200 years old.
2/1/2023 c3 Dalriaden
God this Harry is boring. Also Yasaka seems like she'd be a great fit for main wife tbh. Onwards to the next chapter and hopefully a less boring potter.
2/1/2023 c28 2mwinter1
Okay i hope that chapter 29 comes out soon. I started this last thursday and now its monday 2/1/2023. WOW Awaiting more.
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