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1/24/2023 c1 Robbler
The whole thing with Harry having self control problems around underaged kids is rather disturbing.

Maybe he shouldn't be around children at all...
1/22/2023 c2 Ltbutterfly287
This is about your authors note where you brought up age differences. You do realize that at the beginning of the show Rias is 250 years old right? Akeno is about 180 and most of the peerage is around 100.
1/12/2023 c1 antim1santhrope
only a little ways in but had to comment. I don't know what I was expecting when I picked this up, but I definitely wasn't expecting the best crack fic ending of POA I've ever seen
1/2/2023 c28 3WhiteElfElder
It really sucks that those two ascended like they did, on top of the fact that they can wait and repeat in time. However, I wonder if other gods will take offence to what they have done? Issei is going to be devastated when he learns of Irina. I wonder what Asia will do now that she no longer has the healing artifact? Some kind of mass working needs to be done to start syphoning out the magic of Earth to rebalance it.
1/1/2023 c26 WhiteElfElder
I wonder how losing the gods has hampered what is being attemtped?
1/1/2023 c24 WhiteElfElder
I hope Tiamat starts removing more of those columns as they seem to be key to what is plotted.
12/31/2022 c23 WhiteElfElder
I get the feeling that the Harvest is goin to be something like making a philosopher's stone in that one anime series, but they are going to have an issue because they do not know Harry's full capabilities now.
12/30/2022 c20 WhiteElfElder
Harry is King to an entire planet; well, at least they have someplace that they can retreat to if the war goes badly.
12/29/2022 c17 WhiteElfElder
I think that MACUSA is screwed when word and evidence gets back to the ICW. Personally, I would have left behind some time-delayed FiendFyre in that Vault.
12/28/2022 c14 WhiteElfElder
Didn't Kokobiel say that he had slain The Father? I wonder if that was Hades or maybe even Ares that Harry was having to fend off? I wonder if that ring that was a boat could cross The Gap?
12/27/2022 c13 WhiteElfElder
I wonder what the ramifications will be of Harry and group waking ancient enchantments and other magics across the seas? I wonder how the fight would have gone should it have happened back in Ireland or the area?
12/27/2022 c12 WhiteElfElder
I wonder if The Veil in the Death Chamber is linked to The Gap?
12/27/2022 c1 lalnivarhranngul001
So will FILFY teacher be updated again this year cannot wait for it
12/26/2022 c10 WhiteElfElder
Harry should have bound Riser's powers so that he could not do more than heal, and only barely at that.
12/24/2022 c9 WhiteElfElder
I wonder if there was any magic that will alert at the loss of her virginity?
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