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2/13 c14 Sadhaka
Harry just doesnt feel like the main character, or even a character. He cares about nothing but his family. When the book started he was super into magic, learning, creating, and practicing. Now, nothing. The story is filled with kid time with no new spells from ANY branch, hes still using kid spells from Hogwarts. Almost the entire story is him doing family time or powering up somebody. He’s just there. No goals. No ambition. No drive. No learning or growing.
2/13 c13 Sadhaka
That entire fight was irritating. All his magic was pointless. Useless. Why even learn magic? Its weak no matter wgat he does.

Why does he not use ANY devil magic? Hes gained nothing from his deal with them. They use the same spells as him without issue but he hasnt used any if there spells. The Japan magic is missing as well aside from a fire dragon that was useless.
2/13 c7 MattBlack
Sure Issei is a member of the peerage now, but scum squared still equals scum lol... He is useless, with no potential...
2/13 c6 MattBlack
It's as much a blessing as a curse if that damn emo stop to think sometime...
2/13 c6 MattBlack
Harry you idiot... Lily would always grow up, but him being long lived would allow hm to watch over their descendants...
2/13 c5 MattBlack
To see his daughter grow old and die, did he really think he would miss that? Then he planned to die young... As long as he has his partner/partners with him, seeing Lily live her life wouldn't be bad, he is an idiot if he believes she wont die... Not being alone is the key to longevity, if Flamel had not Perenelle with him, he would have given up ages ago...
2/12 c12 Sadhaka
And if course Harrys Breaker is another blade. Because blades are the height of tactical superiority.
2/12 c12 Sadhaka
Is this story about Harry or the daughters he takes in? The sheer amount of times Harry empowers, trains, or adopts a little girl makes this seem as if Harry is more plot device thsn character.

Hold on…. Breaker is stronger than ALL Harrys spells? Thats weird.
2/12 c3 MattBlack
Akeno licked her HIPS provocatively? LOL... =p
2/12 c11 Sadhaka
Sizrrch is so funny. Making threats at Harry about if he hurts his sister. This from the guy who stood aside as his sister was soldvtoba rapist who was going to pimp her out.
2/11 c11 Sadhaka
Lets just place bog fines on murderers and rapists. I think that woukd totally be justice. This reeks of bad writing desperately trying to justify itself.
2/11 c10 Sadhaka
He lets a murdering rapist go? Because he dont want to let a little girl down? Wow. Thats abdolute garbage. So much for caring sbout others. So much for justice. So much forvthe women the man raped. The woman he killed. The womsn he dysfigured for life. What an utter lack of morals.
2/11 c10 Sadhaka
So… Sirzech shuts down Harry with a look. So much of this story is Harry powering up others, doing for others, and really being a bit part in others stories. There is almost nothing in the story about Harry having any goals. He comes across as almost non-dimensional. Family. One note character. No training, no magic exploration, no powering up, just kinda going along and helping other gain power.
2/10 c9 Sadhaka
I think im done. The end of the Akeno arc is the final mistake.

1: No power progression for Harry.
2: No new spells from Voldy war.
3: No new progression on Japan magic.
4: No learning Devil Magic.
5: No harem. He has more adopted daughters than girlfriends.
6: No heat to the relationship.
7: Emphasis on werewolf physical power instead if magic.
8: Far more punch things than cast spell.

All around super disappointing.
2/10 c8 Sadhaka
Paragraphs of how everyone is getting more powerful… and nothing on Harry. No progress on demon or japan magic.
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