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11/25/2021 c28 Spacestrider
I really like this outcome. Mistakes were made yet the potter team did succeed in becoming a major thorn in the Egyptians side. They almost completely stopped the ritual by the end, but it makes sense they were unable to stop a plan in the making for thousands of years. Very interested to see how the aftermath of magics reveal and the effects actual worship will have on Harry's powers.
11/26/2021 c28 9Dragon Man 180
So are Irina, Xenovia, and Dulio still dead or did they get brought back since they didn't willingly surrender their souls?

I really don't like the end of this chapter, the bad guys get away, Dawn Healing is gone, and lots of people died. I really hope they hunt down the new gods and make them pay. I think God Killer is a title Harry could stand to get added to his list of titles.

I'm annoyed that the heroes almost got to the Akhole and Nefebitch but they still got the ritual off, it's like five more minutes and they wouldn't have had time to trigger their ritual. It makes it seem all the work, effort, and sacrifice gets spit on and I HATE reading that kind of stuff.
11/25/2021 c28 2Death of Snipers
Definitely an incredible chapter all around, the flash of the hades fight was a nice touch, and the full battle was suitably tense without feeling hopeless or foregone at any point

That said, something I’ve come to notice about your writing is that however serious you choose to make it, there’s a clear in group out group divide.

Those characters who form the central cast seem to be almost consistently free of any wound great enough to leave a lasting scar. While those who are not in said circle, even named characters, die without ceremony or import.

It’s not inherently bad per se, but killing off the entirety of the church’s relevant forces off screen while the worst anyone on the main cast got was de powered, with the closest second being “really tired” is getting a little distracting.

Not saying I want everyone to just die, just that the divide has become quite overt.
11/25/2021 c28 GoldenDragon18
This is easily my all time favorite fanfic and every chapter is just pure gold. I can't wait for the next one.
11/25/2021 c28 starboy454
Excellent update
11/25/2021 c28 midnightscar17
Im confused why you went this route. Also what about Asia sacred gear
11/25/2021 c28 1Jite7
woh thats a big chuck to process, hope asia and the others recover in some timely fashion.

Poor Irina Dulio and Xeniovia, I hope they are able to be recovered in some fashion.
11/25/2021 c28 FateBurn
good chapter
11/25/2021 c28 Temsen
When you say "better enemy" how do you mean?
Because when I look at their motivation all I see is "wah wah wah, we deserve godhood", a willingness to sacrifice millions of people, subordinates included and raging when things don't exactly go to plan.
So very much the default evil villain type. (then again, I don't really know how good/bad the later DxD ones are)

If you mean in terms of danger, I fully agree. Centuries (millenia?) to plan and actually pull off those plans make them extremely dangerous. Though not very (at all) likeable.

Man, it's so disappointing that after everything they just fucked off. It was definitely the smart thing to do, so another reason to up their danger rating.
11/25/2021 c28 krzys2000
Oh. wow great chapter. Thank you for this
Many thing I though could happen and some that I did not see coming (resurrection and destruction of Dawn Healing).
11/25/2021 c28 artivaet
"still providing a better enemy than 666 or that other Lucifer guy. " No. Not even a little.
11/25/2021 c28 WearyCurmudgeon
- Resurrection
So were Irina, Xenovia and Dulio brought back as well?

Considering you wrote that their souls entered the Great Wheel, even if Dulio is now without his SG?

- Miracle
Yeah, a full blown Adam Savage; "I reject your reality for my own" moment.

Although it did heavily remind me of Orihime from Bleach little trinkets, which would kinda fit the mold for a SG as well, even if Fae based.

And if not for her faith in Yaweh that might've been an interesting replacement. As she shares many of the philosophical qualms about violence that Orihime also has.

- Fallout
Yeah, if Sirzechs was hoping that Asia could patch up what remains of his Peerage (and wife), then he's SOL.

That's not even mentioning the issue with the Statue having been shattered as it has and there's no way to cover up 80-90 percent of a country being dead out of nowhere.

It's like the "Snap" in MCU. Genie is out of the bottle.

About the only option I could see is moving the survivors to one of the larger landmasses in Danan and pulling a Ranoake with regards to the survivors.

Course they may well not want to move, there's no infrastructure set up for them there either, it would be a violation of his oath as High King to keep the monotheists with the exception of Asia and Raynare out of Danan.

So yeah, lot of problems with no avenues to resolve them readily apparent.

- One Liners
You dropped them perfectly.

Koneko paraphrasing Crocodile Dundee.

Harry with his paraphrase of let God sort it out by his mass stunnings.

Or Asia pulling a Gandalf and even pulling a similar sacrifice as it'll mean she can no longer be Asia the Miracle Healer.

- Horn dog and Cat in heat.
Possible pairing of the two of them? As she'd be his type when fully healthy again.

And Harry's dance card is full, but Cù could give her the strong offspring she wants.

Plus lend him Ddraig so he can play with Vali, that'll get both of them off of Koneko's tails.
11/25/2021 c28 niybruh
This is a great story haven't seen this much attention to detail ever
11/25/2021 c28 4Monster King
Awesome work
11/25/2021 c28 chunnin33
What a climax!
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