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2/10 c8 Sadhaka
Is he wver going to learn Devil magic? Not once has he used it and the progress on the Japan magic has stopped as well.
2/10 c6 Sadhaka
What does Harry get with this exchange? They get to learn his magic and he gets…. Nothin?
2/10 c30 7MasterRevan
Decided to reread this and have to say its still a very fun read, though whats funny is once the god from the hollows was introduced i realized they were a servant added to FGO english like a week ago. Made the read funner and me look foward to whats next for this story.
2/9 c6 Sadhaka
A staff instead if a wand? Say goodbye to being inconspicuous and all the spells that require delicate movements.
2/9 c5 Sadhaka
Pretty boring magic fight. Over and over it talks about him being an uber wizard… butvevery fight is a big snooze. No new spells. No new magic. Always depends on his werewolf form. Its like his whole war with Voldy taught him nothing but basic school spells.
2/9 c5 Sadhaka
Kinda weak Harry. He defeats Voldy but has trouble with some red shirt nobodies? Its frankly depressing.
1/4 c30 Tensai Zangetsu
I really can not wait for Harry to wake up and start dealing with the ICW and cracking down on those idiots. Also maybe Danan can help with the magic overflow problem, as that is a separate dimension. I truly can not wait for the next chapter!
12/30/2023 c8 nealrm
I think I like redemption and possibly white wings for Kala more than I like her as another harem member. It certainly feels like akeno and harry aren't a match from a goals and priorities standpoint. I actually think them breaking it off would be better and you could pair her with someone else. Interesting either way though. Thanks for writing.
12/30/2023 c6 nealrm
That was amazing.
12/30/2023 c9 Halfrican18
Not gonna lie, I'm a bit dissapointed with the Akeno decision. You spent so much time and effort building up the relationship. Just to throw it away. I dont personally care for Issei's character. A lot of crossover fics tend to pair him with Akeno. Im probably gonna stop binge reading for now. Its a good story, and ill definitely be back. Just need to re-set my brain to the new pairing. Otherwise keep up the good work.
12/30/2023 c30 bastidaswilliam2005
Great work like always i when have time will read the bnha/one piece crossover but i have too much fics tovread so it won't be for a long time i just recently read the chapter before and this one and the last two chapters of a third path to the future by the way i hate you for that cliffhanger(not really lol)
12/28/2023 c30 AnimeFan13579
Finally getting around to these story update and this is rather nice. Can only imagine how the wizarding world will react to Rias confronting them. As well as any potential knowledge of how much danger the world itself is in at the moment. The statute of secrecy is the last thing they should be concerned with since the world is beginning to reach a boiling point of magic.

Meeting between the factions will be interesting since in a way Harry can help to in a sense buy a bit more time by trying to funnel excess magic on Gaia into Danan. General goal for the factions is to find Ophis and will have only 2 options. Either find a way to put her back into the Gap or to send her into Danan in order to keep Gaia from bursting.
12/20/2023 c29 spacecowboy2011
Yeah, this Egypt arc was already wearing thin, and yet again characters are being left behind for massively over the top plot. I love your character interactions and building and more slice of life content, but you always end up moving so far beyond that and leaving it behind. Think im about done with this one because of that. Enjoyed it immensely until then.
12/17/2023 c30 Blaze1992
And the magical world shot themselves in the foot again.
12/16/2023 c29 Blaze1992
. . . F**k all that death and pain and those two get to sit on a beach when it's still happening burns my soul something fierce. I hope when karma comes for those two it will a very slow and painful end, the type everyone will have nightmares about for EONS to come.
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