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12/6/2023 c28 1DanielHimura
Kind of disappointing that they manage to escape to be honest.
12/4/2023 c30 DeluxeHipster1945
Just binge read all 30 chapters, its good.
12/2/2023 c30 Guest
Well, I was a fan of this story up until the Egypt arc, theb I skipped it. I tried to read a few paragraphs of the latest chapter, but then skipped it as well.

I'm gonna come back once Harry is awake and once the doom and gloom is over with to see if I want to give reading this another chance.

The entire Egyp arc sucked. Took all the fun from the story.
12/3/2023 c14 williamkillian98
How the hell are you capable of putting over 100,000 words in every chapter
12/2/2023 c30 ABadRomCom
Did amyone beta this chapter? There were quite a few misspelled words and jumbled sentences that made me think Yoda was talking.
12/2/2023 c30 1ShadowRealmComics
Hmm, I can see Harry showing up in the meeting and start comparing them to Voldemort. LOL, still this was a good chapter and love to see more in time.
12/1/2023 c30 codywhite162
Still very much enjoying the story and am a bit sad to hear this is coming to an end. I have enjoyed reading it so thank you for writing this amazing tale and I shall stick with it until the final chapter :)
11/30/2023 c30 Dudtheman
I've really enjoyed this story thank you for the wonderful work
11/30/2023 c10 vysirez
Rereading the story because of the new chapters. I have to say I'm pretty disgusted with Riser's complete lack of punishment for murder. The paedophile rapist who murdered and tried to murder his victims was sentenced to a horrifyingly terrible punishment of not being able to own any more slaves for a short time and basically nothing else. That is all. There's mercy, and then there is letting him get away with everything. I'm pretty unhappy that Harry has so little backbone that he will let some puppy dogs eyes stop him from actually punishing someone like Riser. I'm not saying Harry had to kill him, but his utter non punishment is disgusting. It's pretty clear nobody else was going to do anything, so with Harry folding, Riser literally gets away with it.

On an unrelated note I also wanted to complain about Grayfia's ruling during the fight when Riser whined about the gems. Swapping the gems for the tears is vaguely fair, but the second ruling is bullshit. The second ruling about the fight reset gave Riser a pretty big advantage in the fight, while Rias's 'compensation' is a effectively a bit of money after the fight and only if she wins. Completely not equal and very unfair, makes my like Grayfia even less.
11/28/2023 c30 Armiture
Once upon a time I wondered why authors insisted on having at least one pair of eyeballs editing their large chapters. In the years since then I have come to realize a number of limitations of MS Office's grammar check and 3rd party programs like Grammarly. They are basically nothing more than fancy pattern matchers and because of that, they miss many errors that a real person would spot.

I'm not going to complain about the number of word usage errors, most of them weren't all that bad but there were a few that had me scratching my head for a minute before I realized it was two wrong words substituted for a longer sound-alike word.

I loved the battle and that those stupid hit wizards were put down hard once the A-team showed up and taught them what happens when you F-around with their business.

Good luck with your muse on the next chapter and I look forward to Harry chewing out the ICW from top to bottom for their incredible stupidity.
11/27/2023 c3 11nexusplayer
Horney toad ey?
I know exactly who that is! His pervertedness has stretched to the farthest reaches of the multiverse!
His books are kept from our eyes and souls as we yearn for them!
11/26/2023 c11 3Tankinator175
At first it had seemed a lot like Tonks was going to at least have a fling with Akeno, if not something more long term. Now it's looking like she'll end up with Issei, which would bug me to no end. I'm not yet sure if it would be enough to turn me off of the entire story, and I would rather not find out. Other than that, it's been very satisfying so far, I think you handled Harry's introduction to devil society very well.
11/26/2023 c30 3WhiteElfElder
what is the blessing looking to connect to...or is it waiting to be given direction?

The ICW has messed up and basically insighted war...and the they will get that war right like a live grenade stuffed in their anal purse. They need to destroy the floo network connections there in Egypt, or make it a one-way only.

I wonder if they could send sleeping gas grenades/bombs through the floo and then follow through with troops weaking gas masks?
11/25/2023 c3 DREAPERisGOD
The phrase red moon does indeed mean a period but it's a Chinese phrase not a Japanese one but it works if you want to use it and I didn't think it was a silly name but whatever floats the boat
11/25/2023 c30 ulttoanova
I really loved this chapter as I greatly love this story. I hope you have the next chapter soon. I don't have much to say other than that I enjoyed the various factions reacting to the shit that has hit the fan after what happened in Egypt. I also enjoyed the Hindu and hit wizard section in particular. I don't have much to say but I can't wait till the next chapter.
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