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10/27/2023 c8 Morgriff
seems like a house elf would be helpful for protecting Asia, lilly and the house.
10/27/2023 c6 Morgriff
the whole hyper focus on rias and constantly talking about his red heads is starting to get annoying. no relationship with multiple partners could function with him favoring one partner like that.
10/24/2023 c2 Morgriff
Author: I won't break up any happy relationships.
Issei and Ron: Crying tears of blood.
10/18/2023 c29 AnimeFan13579
Yeah there's going to be a lot of trouble when comes to the wizarding world's decision. I would actually question if as the chief mugwump that person should be informed of relevant information of what's going on before trying to take a vote. After all the details involved would mean blame couldn't solely be placed on the previous chief. With the culprits being thousands of years old there's no telling how long their plot was in play. Then there's potential of the details of the current situation not shared with the other representatives in order to avoid a panic. Fact is the current events in Egypt could potentially spark a war if they try charging into it. That's purely based on the censored version that was reported not the actual issues due to multiple different supernatural communities.
10/17/2023 c7 Kiyan Tribe
just why revive Issei? He has no use. I hate that pervert.
10/16/2023 c29 1Apostrophe Catastrophe
LMAO Robbie Lyle in charge of the ICW. Robbie out, fam! Robbie out, blud! My mum's Robbie in. Is she mad? Time for him to go back to stirring up trouble for the Chudley Cannons.
10/15/2023 c29 angelus1one1
I'm loving this story, i hope you will be able to keep it going.
10/11/2023 c10 cHaZzi123
Demigod Curse maybe?
10/6/2023 c9 IsakDemn
whyyy, now she'll end up with issei
10/4/2023 c7 Mr.Heller
In the first chapter you said Dursleys didn't really beat Harry, and then you suddenly changed the narrative.
10/4/2023 c15 2WolkaiserDrake
Shiva's a hippy, I love it
10/4/2023 c4 Mr.Heller
So instead of at least a cool looking werewolf like in Van Helsing, he looks like a half baked furry from DeviantArt? Werewolves are pathetic as is, he doesn't need that humiliation on top.
9/24/2023 c4 Obstrocity
Wondering if the werewolves in the UK are different than the ones the fallen know about. Harry Potter werewolves aren't weak to silver, so that will an interesting development.
9/21/2023 c29 Masterofswarts
So glad this is being updated again, was rereading again cause of how amazing the story is and was surprised with a new chapter, looking forward to seeing it continue:)
9/20/2023 c6 3Detsella Morningdew
Ah, since you mentioned you liked Nausicaa, and know about the manga, and also like Castle in the Sky, I finally have someone to tell about this!

So, all the squirrel-foxes and other hybrid animals are genetically modified, and the secrets for doing so, or undoing the changes destroyed by Nausicaa herself. (I'm not spoiling more than I need for this theory.) So when I saw the squirrel-foxes in Castle in the Sky, I knew that either it was just reused assets, or something was up. So I thought about it a bit more.

It's mentioned how the blue-clad one prophecy doesn't just apply to Nausicaa, but many others when the need is great enough. And while that prophecy is never referenced explicitly in Castle in the Sky, it IS fulfilled quite obviously if you're looking for it. Visuals and all.

Finally, while the forest cleaned the earth... what place might be left untouched? A floating island. Only the genetically-modified molds were energetic enough to reach into the sky. (God that was such a dumb idea, but so was splitting the atom so it's in character for humanity.)

The rest of the recovering human world in Castle in the Sky is back at the level of our industrial revolution (with a bigger focus on flying machines), but all the old high-tech engines of Nausicaa's time are missing... but the tech on the floating island is VERY similar in power and design.

So basically, Castle in the Sky is set after the forest finished its task of purification, and obviously Nausicaa was right about humans managing to adapt back to breathing clean air naturally. But Laputa is a remnant from a dead age.
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