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9/20/2023 c2 Aaron21hardin
I am rereading this again after you updated the story for the first time in years, and something people need to understand is that teachers dating students is not deemed immoral or wrong in Japan as long as everyone is over the age of consent, so as that is taking place in Japan and arias is a third year, meaning she is or will very shortly be over the Japanese age of consent, there is nothing against any laws or local morality taking place there.
9/19/2023 c2 3Detsella Morningdew
I just wanna comment something on the teacher/student relationship thing, before I forget (I've only read the note at the top).

The reason it's immoral is because of the imbalanced power dynamic, plus in most cases there is a large age gap. Not just arbitrary social expectation stuff.

I didn't see it as a problem in this story (hence why I ever started reading) because the main cast is inherently powerful in some way, both physically and politically. (Harry's actually at the disadvantge politically here.)

(Other people might be fine with fiction that doesn't have reasons like this, but personally, unless it's supposed to be a bad example, I don't like it. Or I guess if it's clearly unrealistic/fantstical and doesn't have those problems in whatever story, but those are just less good to me. For example I have never read a story with a master/slave romantic relationship that wasn't at the very least cringe. Either that or they were a slave in name only.)

Anyway, mostly irrelevant rant over, I liked at least the first chapter, on to this one.
9/16/2023 c29 JamboGolem324
I nearly didnt think this story will get another update it took so long xD. It is nice to be proven wrong
9/15/2023 c22 SinfulKiss
I’m guessing the dog is Cu Chulainn and the curse is a play on his name.
9/14/2023 c29 4WithinTheMadness
Oh joy, a world leader who favors genocide as an acceptable reasoning to make a claim to power. He and Cao Cao would've made great friends, if they didn't absolutely despise each other's existence.

I won't be surprised to learn the new Mugwump is in league with some of the troublemakers. Politicians are more useless than they are waste of space. Shiny nickel says he attempts to force HP and Co into doing his bidding.

You're an excellent writer. I hate several of your characters with how realistic they are. Excellently done. It merited repeating.
9/13/2023 c29 Knight5946
Could you do a small favor? keep the fights to ONE chapter? PLEASE? it drags out too much otherwise and i found myself TRYING to skip large chunks and for Merlin's sake wake harry up ASAP!
9/10/2023 c6 6Saxyguy
Hey to start with I want to say I absolutely love this story. Very well done plot. However in your early chapters (as I am doing a re-read right now for the new update) there are some errors. Mostly with names and such (either misspelling or calling characters by the wrong name when they are talking to each other). Another example in chapter 6 when you mentioned Harry had failed at summoning his parents, when a chapter or two ago you mention that he had done it once and dismissed them when he saw they were in pain. Not near enough to put me off the story, just some minor things
9/8/2023 c13 1JalPeregrine
Nice chapters! The scene changes are pretty fluid and mesh well together. Here there is a bit of a continuity error. How can Kokabiel use Excalibur Rapidly to close in with Harry if the blade exploded from Harry's previous attacks?

Other than that thus far, the battles scenes are nice! The feelings of each character being focused on is conveyed well.
9/5/2023 c29 3WhiteElfElder
I get the feeling that what Germany is doing is still spurred by the forever Dark Lords, but even it if is not there is a major alternate reason they are going after Egypt where they know Harry is supposed to be now. I do not feel any sympathy if they do anything to anyone Harry cares for. I think the ICW are about to get themselves annihilated. With the amount of magic that would need to be thrown around by the ICW, natural disasters are going to start waking Gaea more than she is already.

I wonder if all of that extra magic could be funneled into creating a new void or pocket space for Ophis to inhabit and be locked away?
9/3/2023 c29 50Shadesofpie
... so long for something so boring
9/5/2023 c29 B127
exlaent chapter
9/4/2023 c5 8Speaks with Spirits
I'm currently on chapter 5 of your story, and I'm finding it very hard to put down. Your story is extremely well written and very, very entertaining. Good job on the story, and I will continue to follow it as much as possible.
9/2/2023 c29 WearyCurmudgeon
I don't recall if Danaan was a natural world or one created by the Undertaking.

But if it were the latter, couldn't they tap into Earth's Magosphere to create other worlds for the varying other factions, thus decreasing the pressure on Gaia?

In a way it would give Cao Cao what he wants, but in a non-violent way, a world run just by humans. Course they wouldn't accept his rulership, but that's a separate issue.

Bit reminiscent of the Avalon Protocol in "Wizard's Fall" by the late "Bobmin356", where Harry and Co. created a pocket realm for themselves, while stripping the belligerent Magicals of their ability to spawn any more magical children. Thus causing the standard WW to die out.

Figuring that a thousand years of full separation might make the Mundane World more amenable to Magic (especially after the WW unknowingly nearly brought them to WW3).
9/4/2023 c29 tiran187
Yesss really happy this fic gets updated again!
And yeah wondering how the situation in Egypt will go, magic politicians being stupid and the magical in Egypt already working so closely w the muggles as well. Different factions going to help them.
that's probably just a pot of fireworks waiting to go off.
9/3/2023 c29 ulttoanova
I really enjoyed this chapter (after having reread the story to remember wtf was going on lol) and can't wait for the next chapter. I am extremely interested in the fact that Sirzech's peerage was decimated and that the Earth is breaking apart under all the magic. I look forward to Harry kicking the asses of the idiots coming to forcibly restore the Statute and I'm curious about his upcoming meeting with Shiva's faction. I don't have much else to say other than I absolutely can't wait to see the next update.
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