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for The Trip to the Winter Festival

2/5/2018 c1 38BloodPokemon101
Wow! This was hilarious! Baby Sarada peed on Sasuke. Weird as it may be, I can see this happening.
1/28/2018 c9 37Tuvstarr's lost heart
Pffft, that's some obvious manipulation you pulled there Sasuke, and I'm sure Sakura is aware of what you just did, but... her curiosity was peaked nonetheless.

...and admittedly, so was mine...
1/28/2018 c8 Tuvstarr's lost heart
Oh, man. they sure have the shittiest of lucks, the Uchias... I'm still gonna take the bet and say that yes, they do make it to the winter festival! Will read on to find out :D
1/27/2018 c12 7lavenderyen
this story was so unbelievably sweet. it warmed my heart so much, and I love how all of the prompts wove together to creat one story. im definitely checking out your other works :)
1/26/2018 c2 hsdcbshjd
this chap really shows how much sasuke has changed. taking care of kids...changing diapers...accepting help...this was what made this chapter very nice to read. also, the way he is still thinking about his pride was awesome (with not daring to show sakura what happened)

also, the fangirl thing in the end made me chuckle. nice job
1/25/2018 c1 hsdcbshjd
"an uchiha did not make little mistakes. big ones, sure". this particular line got me hahahaha i love the irony of that xDD

so, unusual start to a story, yet so unusual to draw attention, with sarada's "poop problem" and all haha. let's see how sasuke will change a diaper with one arm!
1/23/2018 c12 36iBloo
I'm really impressed how you used 12 prompts, and tied it all down into one story. I regret not reading this sooner because this was so cute!

it warmed my heart how much kindness Sasuke has shown in this story, as well as how much he really loves Sakura and Sarada. true enough, Sasuke is a man of action!

like the last prompt, I was surprised he decided to make his own ice sculptures. and I have to admit, i shed a few tears reading about what kind of ice sculptures he made. that was too heart warming.

you're a wonderful writer. you never fail to relay the feelings of the characters, or the vibe of the places they're in. thank you so much for sharing and have a wonderful 2018!
1/19/2018 c12 23wingedmercury
SO CUTE! I love the little twist at the end; I wasn't expecting that. Cute cute cute. Thanks for an awesome story! I'm sorry I was late to the party, but I'm happy I finally had the chance to catch up:) I hope you do another prompt like this again! It was super fun!
1/19/2018 c11 wingedmercury
Aw, cute:) What Sakura said is honestly what I was thinking while Sasuke was out on the lake; what could be more winter festival-y than camping out in an igloo and ice fishing? Sounds pretty fun to me!
I can't believe there is only one more chapter!
1/19/2018 c10 wingedmercury
Aw, poor baby Sarada! Why are men so stupid? Always wanting to push ahead, not listening to what is happening around them. Anyway, it's always handy to have a medical nin for a mom. I hope we do get to see at least one ice sculpture before the story is over though!
1/19/2018 c9 wingedmercury
Heehee, told ya they were going to sneak in! Yay, I'm excited!
1/19/2018 c8 wingedmercury
What? No Winter Festival!? Nuh uh, Sasuke's definitely planned something. I'm sure they can do some kind of ninja thingy and sneak in. We did not come all this way not to see the awesome festival!
1/19/2018 c7 wingedmercury
I love fun fact time in your stories! I knew that chocolate was an aphrodisiac, but not about gobo root—I actually use the root quite a lot (I cook it like carrots), so lucky me I guess:)
I also love the detail of the tea ceremony. I've always wanted to do tea ceremony, and I can understand why Sasuke would put aside his OCD schedule to make time for one.
1/19/2018 c6 wingedmercury
You know, it would be very handy to have a clone or two. One to do the grocery shopping, one to clean the house, etc. :)
Another adorable chapter. I love little baby Sarada:) So cute.
1/19/2018 c5 wingedmercury
Aw, good job Sasuke! It makes up for his fumble in chapters one and two:) Ah, going to the hot springs sounds mighty nice. I'm jealous:) I like how you named it after an actual onsen, I always enjoy the historical facts you sprinkle into your fics.
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