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for The Trip to the Winter Festival

1/19/2018 c4 23wingedmercury
Ha, I love how you made Sakura difficult here. I hear ya with over eating chocolate, we have all been there. Angry happy. There should be a word for it in the dictionary (Hangry? Anappy?)
ANYWAY, super cute chapter. It's nice to see Sasuke being responsive to her needs (which, sad to say, isn't the case in most cannon. But I guess babies can change people!).
1/19/2018 c3 wingedmercury
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Oh that was too good. Great banter between Sakura and her wayward husband here. I like how he didn't fool Sakura and in the end she one-uped him. Heehee:)
I wish I had had time to do this contest with you! It would have been so fun:) Let me know next time you go on a prompt binge and I'll play too:)
1/19/2018 c2 wingedmercury
YAY time to catch up on fanfic! Specifically, this one:) I had a shit day at the end of a shit week, and tonight, I asked myself, what would make me happy? The answer: THIS FIC!
You know what I love about this chapter? How incongruous the situation is compared with Sasuke's usual character. I mean, it just cracks me up. Worlds most powerful ninja—can't handle tiny baby (or tiny toddler). It's just too cute. ONWARDS!
1/15/2018 c12 25Sakura's Unicorn
Oh my goodness! Just when I thought this couldn't get any does! I LOVE that Sasuke took the time to make their own Winter Festival right there in the woods. Who knew he had that kind of artistic ability?

This story filled me with warm fuzzies with each chapter! You did such a great job of adhering to the prompts while never making them feel tacked on or ill-fitting. The story flowed on seamlessly. And to end it with such a melty (a pun!) scene was the icing on the cake. You did an amazing job with this, proving, once again, that your willingness to experiment is what makes you such a great writer. Thank you so much for doing this challenge and for sharing it with all of us!
1/15/2018 c11 Sakura's Unicorn
I love that you used this prompt to reveal things to Sasuke. Him thinking that he's not providing for his wife and daughter, not giving them the trip of a lifetime was so wrong-headed. Sakura revealing the truth to him was a beautiful moment of discovery for him. He may not have given them what he originally intended (the Festival), but he ended up making a memorable trip for everyone.

I see more moments like this in the future leading to a more lighthearted Sasuke. I'd love for him to not be so hard on himself. And you showed us exactly how that can be achieved. Great chapter!
1/15/2018 c10 Sakura's Unicorn
New Daddy Sasuke was so driven to see his wife happy that he didn't notice the baby's fever! He's going to be on diaper duty for a long time for that one! Hee, hee!

Aww...I'm a little sad that they won't get to the Festival in time, but that's what happens when you have little ones-they come first. I think this is a good lesson for Sasuke. As much as he wants to do all these fabulous things for his wife, he has to think practically first. He has to put the needs of the whole family first. I love seeing them as a family like this. You do such a good job of showing their caring!

On to Chapter 11!
1/14/2018 c5 1kylie555
love love love love this one! Can't wait to read the next chapter!
1/14/2018 c4 kylie555
i hate how a lot of sasusaku married fics nowadays focus too much on their sex life and not on the Little and sweet moments between them that made us love that couple in the first place.
sometimes its the trivial moments that matter- like how Sasuke makes it a point to show how much he loves his wife in spite of the remaining baby fat. That he would rather watch her enjoy herself with chocolates than be conscious of her body.
A HUGE thank you to you, you dont know how much i appreciate this.
1/14/2018 c3 kylie555
omg HAHAHAHAH. i totally cracked up on this one.
SasuSaku never fails to make me soft with emotions.
I love how you wrote this chapter especially with Saku and the whole "Wife" scene- Sasuke knows well how mama Saku has the upperhand on this one lol
1/14/2018 c2 kylie555
with all Sasuke's might it's funny how he can be so powerless when it comes to baby poo HAHAHAHA
i am loving this so far! thank you 3
1/12/2018 c12 YoungBlossom
Hey! Sorry I didn't review earlier, I got kinda busy. I just want to thank you for writing this wonderful story for us to read. I really enjoyed it. I really like the end, because you showed how much Sasuke really cares about his loved ones. But he's a man likes to express his love through actions, not words. Sakura definitely is right when she explained the meaning of 'taking a family vacation'. It's not really about the destination, it's about the memories you make on your journey. I hope you're having a happy new year so far, and thank again for sharing this story with us. :)
1/8/2018 c7 37Tuvstarr's lost heart
Fanofthisfiction, did you write the "dangle his own cookie in front of her" with an innuendo in mind, or was it just my own overly perverted mind that could not help but think of something else he could dangle in front of his wife too? XD XD XD

Great finish to the surprise side tour! Really round it up nicely!
1/8/2018 c6 Tuvstarr's lost heart
Snorts* I'm sorry, but the part where Sasuke perks up at the idea of sex is just too funny and relatable. A rare luxury for new parents XD.
1/8/2018 c12 6yara9292
I'm so happy to read something from you again. It's great you wrote a new story with already 12 chapters out!
I love the way you show the Uchiha family. Traveling with a baby is defintely not easy but Sakura and Sasuke are doing great as parents. I like how you show the bond of husband and wife between them. They are very well in character and it's awesome how Sasuke tries to please her and make her happy.
Thanks for the updates :)
1/7/2018 c12 17Pixie07
Great story with a really sweet and loving ending, thanks for writing it
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