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for The Trip to the Winter Festival

1/6/2018 c12 Guest
Whoa! This chapter definitely won my heart too. I had thought that maybe next year Sasuke should join the winter festival's sculpture exhibition if Sakura could take a photo. Haha, but no, that would be a lot of work and may not have the same inspiration as now...and that will no longer be vacation...and nothing else would top this.
1/4/2018 c11 oyink
This was great! It's great that Sasuke now sees what truly matters to Sakura. All that love in generosity that you've captured in the previous chapters was truly heartwarming and reflective of how it truly is in normal lives.

I've been silently reading this and some of your other stories. I'm so sorry that I haven't been actively and non-anonymously reviewing, but know that I'm alive and still admiring you and your writing...and wishing there were more than 1 prompt to go. Happy new year!
1/5/2018 c12 187YenGirl
I have to say I've seldom (if ever) read SasukexSakura fics, but I do like how they end up together in canon. Besides, Sasuke turned over a new leaf at the end, and started doing good, putting his life on the line so he deserves his share of happiness. And if he didn't get together with Sakura, we wouldn't have Sarada who turned out to be a wonderful kunoichi.

So kudos to you, dear writer, for taking up this challenge and doing a wonderful job with it! Very few family vacations go according to plan without one hiccup or another. It was rewarding to read of how the characters get frustrated, but work around problems, come up with solutions, and with the support, love and encouragement of their loved ones, end up having a wonderful time in the end.

Who needs crowded places with people queuing up for everything? Sasuke and Sakura are both shinobi and more than capable enough of creating shelters and foraging for food.

Sasuke shows how matured he is in letting Sakura rest despite her initial invitation. That's exactly how a loving husband should be.

Oh! *claps her hands to her cheeks* And he DID create ice sculptures for Sakura! *squeals* You described them beautifully. Very nicely done. The fact that Sasuke even poked fun at himself was the icing (pun!) on the cake.

I just hope they brought along a camera so they can still have a few family photos in front of those beautiful sculptures! :)
1/5/2018 c12 Lady Rini
Well Sarada won't ever remember this but Sakura will forever have these memories. Just too bad Sasuke wasn't around when Sarada was growing up.

As for a prompt hmm maybe au where Sasuke's family is alive and Itachi takes care of Sarda while Sasuke and Sakura are busy. Sasuke on a mission while Sakura is at work and he volunteer to watch his adorable niece.
1/5/2018 c5 37Tuvstarr's lost heart
See Sasuke, when you do good, good comes back to you!

I get why it would feel odd for Sakura to stay there by herself, so I'm glad they could stay the three of them :)
1/5/2018 c12 3Chie723
Awww Sasuke is such a sweetheart! What a lovely ending to a lovely story! and thank you so much for the shout out! hopefully this weekend I can update my stories :)
1/5/2018 c12 minthegreen
Oh this was a beautiful ending. Thank you!
1/5/2018 c12 Miss Arlene
This little fic is a dream come true, it has everything a shipper might want, from humor to romance and a little bit of drama (because lets face it, Sasuke and drama come hand in hand) all of it wrapped together to form a beautiful gift to us readers on this holiday season. So thank you for writing this I absolutely loved it, I rarely leave a review on the stories I read because I'm so busy with real life (and because english isn't my first language so forgive me if a make a mistake), but this time I made the effort not only for you that totally deserve all the praise, but for the story and for my OTP. I've been silently reading since the first chapter, always with so little time, so I promised myself that I would leave you this message at the end (and thank goodness that real life today was a little less stressful and allowed me to keep my promise) So thank you, from the bottom of my heart for writing this, it filled my entire being with mushy feelings for these two (and little Sarada of course) Please keep writing because you truly have a gift to convey all the beautiful things we shippers wanted for these two
1/5/2018 c11 Lady Rini
I don't know why Sasuke would think Sakura would be disappointed. Its almost impossible to make her unhappy. (Unless he decided to go psycho again lol )
1/4/2018 c4 37Tuvstarr's lost heart
Oh, Now I'm super curious about what he has in mind. And yes, some discourse is always to be expected on family trips/gatherings/events
1/4/2018 c11 3Chie723
Awww! they're such an adorably sweet little family :)
1/4/2018 c11 187YenGirl
Yay for an upbeat (and longer) chapter!

Sakura's right - at the risk of sounding like one of those cheesy motivational posters, it's not where you go but who you go with :) They're still a young couple and now that they're basic needs have been taken care of i.e. a roof over their heads and a full belly, it's time to think of other more fun things to do.

After all, they can always plan for the Festival next year! Although it did occur to me that Sasuke is perfectly capable of creating some pretty ice sculptures himself with his fire jutsu :)
1/3/2018 c10 YenGirl
Oops, FFN couldn't wait for me to finish typing!
It looked like circumstances, bad weather and sly authors are all conspiring to keep him from getting to that Festival!

But the most important thing is being with his family and so far, he's still managing that admirably! :)
1/3/2018 c10 YenGirl
Poor little girl. That must be very uncomfortable! I'm so relieved Sakura is a trained medic.
Poor Sasuke too, it seems like circumstances, the weather and sly authors are all doing their best to ta

1/4/2018 c1 sinedd662
why you write sasgay garbage worthless recycle bin
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