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for The Trip to the Winter Festival

1/4/2018 c11 minthegreen
Awwwe I'm glad Sasuke is realizing the time together is the important part
1/4/2018 c10 YoungBlossom
Awww, poor Sarada and Sasuke. I'm sure Sasuke never wanted to hurt Sarada, nor did he know what was even wrong with her. He just wanted everyone to have a fun, memorable vacation. Good thing his wife is the best medic there is. I'm actually not surprised that Sarada got an ear infection from her cold. Babies get ear infections much easier than adults, because of the shape of their skull. I hope everything turns out alright for the Uchiha family in the end. Hope to read more in the future! :)
1/3/2018 c10 minthegreen
Oh poor Sarada and poor Sasuke
1/3/2018 c10 Lady Rini
Poor Sarada, having a ear infection, Sasuke is lucky he has a medic as a wife. I am surprised Sakura doesn't have any antibiotics on her, for this situation.
1/3/2018 c10 17Pixie07
Poor Sasuke, can't get anything go as he planned
1/3/2018 c10 3Chie723
Poor Sarada! I doubt that Sasuke and Sakura are focused on the winter festival anymore, not with their baby sick.
1/3/2018 c9 YoungBlossom
I really like this story. It's just amusing reading about the efficient, prideful, and stubborn Sasuke we all know and love trying to make his wife's childhood dream come true, while trying to keep his family happy along the way. Hope to read more soon! :)
1/2/2018 c3 37Tuvstarr's lost heart
OK, I finally got around to sit down and read this. I've been meaning to do it all week and in the meantime, you have kept adding chapters, how can you write them so quickly?

This is such a cute story! I would tease him just as much as Sakura does XD. He deserves it! And thank you for posting the prompts. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with :)
1/2/2018 c9 187YenGirl
Sasuke, thy middle name is Determined. And if you had another, it would be devious! :)
1/2/2018 c9 17Pixie07
Sasuke is so sweet
1/2/2018 c9 25Sakura's Unicorn
You're so right about Sasuke not being impulsive...usually. But you've laid such a great foundation of Sasuke's determination to see his wife happy that I never even blinked at this decision of his. You are so spot on with Sakura being a by-the-book kinda girl, too. I definitely see her that way. The fact that Sasuke's the one who's leading her down the hazy path is very amusing.

I'm so interested in seeing what happens to them! Will they get caught? If they do, what'll happen? Ack! I have to know!
1/2/2018 c8 Sakura's Unicorn
Oh, I know the Uchiha will make it to the Winter Festival. You did say in the beginning that once Sasuke sets his mind to something, nothing will stand in his way, right? I'm sure that he'll find someone to talk to (Princess Gale?) or some method of suppressing their chakra to get them through the gates and into the festival. I have faith in him!

Also, that tea ceremony really was the icing on the cake of that second honeymoon. I could feel the waves of nostalgia rolling off the two of them. Clearly, they are a couple in love. I melted. Another awesome chapter!
1/2/2018 c7 Sakura's Unicorn
Look at you! Challenges on top of challenges, huh? It wasn't enough for you to do something new and work with prompts, but you add the extra challenge of writing only a single word of dialogue?'re pretty dang amazing.

It was so nice to read about their time at the onsen. It almost made me feel like I took a mini vacation there myself! Selfless Sasuke is truly adorable. The way he considers Sakura's feelings and wants before his own need to keep to the schedule is sigh-inducing.

And I'm sure that Sakura knew about the chocolate and gobo...she's a medic, afterall! PS I still want to soak in the onsen!
1/2/2018 c6 Sakura's Unicorn
Sasuke is a helpful guy! How do I get him to come to my house and reorganize? I think the arousing part of this chapter was the part where he cleans and fixes things, instead of Sakura in her nightgown! Hee, hee, hee!

And now I want to sit and soak in an onsen. ~sigh~ This family road trip is turning out wonderfully! Why would they even want to go home? Looking forward to Ch. 7-and I guess the next prompt is...I dunno...Stranded? Going to read and find out!
1/2/2018 c5 Sakura's Unicorn
You know, I really love how your mission statement for the Fanfiction Review Movement is the same as this story-goodness begets goodness. Sasuke repeatedly finds himself in a bind, but he's helped out of it because of his good deeds. I love that message. I hope everyone sees that message and gets inspired to write you tons of reviews because you, like Sasuke, inspire good! Great job!
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