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for Her Dark Knight

10/16 c34 18LukeSkywalker2567
I understand why you made a decision not to write The Dark Knight Rises. But you are right about one thing. If Rebecca continued her job as a police officer of the GCPD, some of the nightmares would come back and haunt her. But again, thank you for giving us your writing style and how you introduced some of the villains coming into the picture in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.
10/12 c34 1horsebell
Loved this story, just like I love all of your stories.
10/4 c34 Guest
Aww cute
10/3 c34 Avloth
Honestly, I'm glad that this story is ending here. It's leaving on a good note and I'm definitely glad to see the two get a happy ending after everything they went through. Plus, like you said, it wouldn't really make much sense to continue into Dark Knight Rises, considering one of the key aspects of it was Bruce getting together with Rha Goul's daughter.
10/3 c34 BrownEyes
10/3 c34 2AndTheSaintsAreAllMadeOfGold
Oh man, I dont know if I ever reviewed but I loved reading this. It felt pretty final to me and a good end. Thank you for writing and maybe, maybe you'll write batman again
Until then.
10/3 c34 21TheWriter946
No Worries! Take all time you need and decide if you want to do the third one
10/3 c34 111ZabuzasGirl
9/24 c33 15Moonlight Starlove
I really enjoy reading this :) Thank you for the update :) And no worries, update when you are able to ;) Writer's block I know all too well, I'm just happy you post when able to.
9/15 c33 1MageVicky
good chapter!
9/11 c33 solarcaine
I love your writing style. I enjoyed the batman trilogy, but I am not a super fan. I find your version really enthralling. I love it. Becky's character would have been a great addition to the movies. I am so keen, I hoped you had other stories around movies/tv series... I know about/enjoyed, so I could get more to read from you. No such luck unfortunately, but thankfully there is a third part coming... Most definitely waiting with eagerness for this next part. Thank you for the time you are spending entertaining us. Thank you for your great work.
9/5 c33 18LukeSkywalker2567
Uh-oh, I think we all know what this means. We’re getting to see how Bane fits in the picture. Can’t wait to see the beginning chapter of The Dark Knight Rises.
9/4 c33 The Background Conquerer
Great ending to the second part of The Dark Knight Trilogy! Keep going with this story! I want to see how you go with the third and final part of the trilogy!
9/4 c33 1Duchess of Lantern Waste
My heart breaks for them! I can’t wait for your next update!
9/4 c33 21TheWriter946
A storm is brewing soon…
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