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12/26/2019 c1 3AnneWithAnEStory
aaah, I love the first paragraph, it makes me want warm weather to be here so bad!
I like how Anne wants to show she is more than a cook. Actually at first the auction sounded like a neat idea, but now Im like...oh this is a matchmaking endeavor, isn't it? For the girls to show off their housewife skills and the boys to start to notice the girls.
Eels are gross, and i am delighted to see where this is going. hahahah. The eel stories were before my time here but I always enjoy when one comes up and I'm like oh its the eels! haha
It made me laugh that Moody said, "those snakes in the river?"
Haha, Gilbert seeing Anne vexed and now he HAS to buy it! I also loved how Diana made Anne realize they are bidding on her attention, not the eel. And now Anne can delight in serving that nasty meal to Gilbert. They are so funny. I laughed out loud at "to make this water creature so delectable" Lol. I can't believe he ate it. But I also can believe it. lol
Awwww then it turned to them being married and expecting babies! Ok this began as amusing and ended up being just sweeet. How sweet to see them with their twins, I liked how Gilbert said he noticed little ways Anne showed him she loved him. It was funny anne craved eel now.
10/13/2018 c1 TankurTSakura-18
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Now onto the actual review:
"You do know what eel eat, don't you?" Fred whispered in Gilbert's ear.

6/18/2018 c1 Oz Diva
I just reread this and was blown away yet again by your imagery. You really captured early spring here. But our poor Anne doesn’t get to enjoy it.

I loved the thought of Marilla being upset at Anne’s practice runs messing up her squeaky clean kitchen and Matthew catching and gutting eels for her. In that scene you perfectly catch their differing relations with their girl. Matthew doing anything for her and Marilla just tolerating her exploits.

That the ‘joke’ backfired was on point too. Typical Gilbert eating the dish in front of her with such relish.

And then later how petrified he is that very soon she’ll be giving birth again to the twins and the promise of more eels, just for her this time. Love it all.
5/25/2018 c1 wow
So sweet.
12/26/2017 c1 12MrsVonTrapp
Hello and Merry Christmas lovely Excel Aunt!

Firstly, this is so utterly gorgeous it almost makes me forgive you for Gilbert's moustache. You know what a concession that is for me.

This begins so poetically I want to print it out and frame it... lush descriptions as befitting young teenaged Anne's romantic sensibilities... 'wake up the rest of slumbering nature...' 'snow drifts melted into sheets of nourishing water...' 'dance of spring reawakening...' were just beautiful. And then, naturally, the horrible affront of the secret dish auction, which is so perfectly awful it just slides straight into canon.

Our wonderful girl naturally feels the full sting of such archaic practices and will do everything she can to undermine them, recruiting another welcome name and kindred spirit in Miss Barry to her cause, even as Diana, so beautifully and perfectly, is very happy instead to 'advertise herself as a woman of the nineteenth century'. I also enjoyed Anne's reasoning that 'There was more to a woman than her cooking, just as there was more to a man than his ability to eat.' Oh, just fabulous!

The other dishes perfectly represented their various creators, as did Charlie's eleventh-hour bidding that almost upset the applecart (!) Step aside, Charlie, only real men eat oily river fish that feed on worms. Infact, the entire scene reminded me beautifully of 'Oklahoma' when Curley and Judd bid over Laurie's basket. I'm very glad Gilbert had enough cash on him and didn't have to start selling off his possessions.

And while we are at it, John Blythe to the rescue, with his overheard intel and his beautiful support for his boy. It's a wonder he didn't bid on the eel himself ;) I think its DELIGHTFUL that we have all picked up on John loving eel and Gilbert definitely not! Gosh what a wonderful little Story Club!

But I digress. Gilbert's obvious and understandable reluctance for the dish fight his growing feelings for the girl and highlight a few wonderful Gilbert truths, so beautifully presented here; his wanting to 'win' a contest, particularly when there is a Sloane about; his desire to prove his worth to Anne, even as she is still not big enough yet to fully appreciate his endeavours; his beautiful humour and desire to play her at her own game; and his willingness to go to any lengths for her (see previous assorted comments re Gilbert: Prince of Men).

And if that wasn't enough... we have the eel made into a loving anecdote in the hush of an Ingleside evening, and of the real fears of the boy as husband and father, unable to be fully expressed, and then you have to BREAK ME. 'No, Gil, never. I want to do this for you.' Just as he has only ever and always wanted to do everything for her. Ugh! An eel story should NOT be making me cry!

So beautiful, I am just going to send you endless prompts all of your own, into infinity x
12/26/2017 c1 18Alinyaalethia
How very like Anne to take exception to that auction. Spitched eel is exactly the sort of thing she and Miss Josephine would conjure. I think what I really like here is the way Matthew helps her make it. He’d do anything unblinking for his girl, up to and including eel-catching. You mirror this nicely in John’s researching for Gilbert what Anne’s dish will be. And while no doubt eel would suit a Sloane, I was as relieved as Anne it was Gilbert who won. Suffering Charlie and eels would have been the height of injustice. And I had to smile at the resurrection of the dish years later. It makes a nice shorthand between these two about the lengths they go to for one another.
12/26/2017 c1 4OriginalMcFishie
Oh I loved this. Anne insisting on not being auctioned for her wifely duties is so Anne, and I loved how Gilbert rose to the challenge. Putting in the cravings years later, their trust in each other and Susan's refusal to cook eel was a lovely glimpse into their lives years later too.
12/25/2017 c1 38oz diva
I was bwhahahaha-ing at the first bit. Good ol Gilbert beating her at her own game. That is a disgusting fundraiser, so sexist. Just the sort of thing a small community would do though. Bidding on the dish & time with the cook. Ugh.

And then how lovely it was to see her pregnant with the girls, craving eel and him worrying about her, so romantic. What a great couple they are.

Well done.
12/25/2017 c1 14elizasky
A laudable entry in a very silly contest! That applies both to Anne's eels and to your delightful contribution to the dare!

Good for Anne for taking a stand against the fundraising auction. Those sorts of auctions where people bid on dates are always a little off-putting in their implications (even if they are very useful for heightening drama!). I can just see Anne plotting to cook something that undermines the entire premise. And a note to Marilla: you'll want a bit of lemon juice to help you clean your hands and the kitchen after the cleaning of the eel. That smell does tend to linger.

I'm tickled that we've built this little bit of fan canon around John Blythe loving eel. If anyone ever reads these one-shots in isolation, I'm sure they'll think we've gone 'round the bend.

Loved the inclusion of Miss Josephine Barry — yes, she'd have access to an old recipe like spitched eel and also abet Anne in her resistance. I also enjoyed Mr. Bell's horror. And Gilbert deciding that eating the eel with a smile was worth the payoff — Jem would have been proud of him.

And then you give us that lovely little moment of a very-pregnant Anne craving those eels. Can't argue with pregnancy, especially twin pregnancy. You finally found something Susan wouldn't do for Mrs. Dr. dear! I appreciated your acknowledgement of Gilbert's fear — those twins definitely would scare him, especially after Joy. I can't even imagine how scared he must have been when Anne was pregnant with Rilla.

Thanks for joining in with this silly prompt — this was a delightful little holiday treat!
12/25/2017 c1 74kslchen
More eels! That's the... fifth story, if my count is correct, and certainly not the least one!
There are all kind of wonderful things in this, so let's see whether I can remember them all, shall we?

I loved Anne jarring at being inside at such a day and her resolve to be different, to show everyone that she is more than "just" a good cook and housewife. It ties in neatly with her aspirations and reads very true to her character. Matthew supporting her decision and even suffering through lots of eel-y meals, is a lovely touch (and made me quite wistful for him and the companionship he and Anne shared). And John Blythe oh so innocently listening to a conversation about the Cuthberts had me chuckling.

Everyone's reaction to the eels actually made me laugh out loud. And trust Anne to prepare it to look as lifelike as possible! The dedication of Gilbert (and Charlie Sloane, I guess) in winning the eel was very like Gilbert as we all know him, and it's nice to see his father supporting him in the winning of eels and red-haired maidens. And Anne's satisfaction at having made eel, turning to mortification at the biding war, turning to glee at Gilbert having to eat it, and turning, finally, to disgust at him daring to like it, was so very well expressed. He did know how to play her even then, did he?

The last bit was a lovely way to tie up the story (and I never would have guessed that it had you struggling). Of course twins would demand something more unusual than the same old pregnancy cravings and of course would Gilbert procure spitched eel for his wife and daughters, should they so desire!
12/25/2017 c1 4Anne O' the Island
Aaaawwww...almost makes me want to eat eel.
But not quite-I can deal with most varieties of fish...but "river snakes", as Moody put it, are off the menu.
And hold on-there was a spitched eel promt out there? How did I miss this? Either way, merry Christmas, and may the new year be as eel-free as it can.

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