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for Pieces of Eel

8/13/2021 c1 VirReturnsFromMinbar
Very well written.
9/22/2019 c1 DelennTriesTalkingLikeAHuman
Salmon head soup with eyes still in sounds yucky.
6/26/2018 c1 6TLWtlw
What is spitched eel anyway?
12/29/2017 c1 12MrsVonTrapp
Dear Alinya

Please forgive me for reading days ago, laughing and then forgetting to review!
Such a delightful addition to the Eel Chronicles, and full marks for making it a part of your own ongoing story. 'Pieces 'of Eel indeed!

You capture Rilla perfectly! All the delightful chattiness - and a little cattiness! - and peppered with her wonderful, amusing emphasis on every second word! She is fantastically without filter, your Rilla, and you have also a fabulous array of canon and original tidbits here. There is always something very *urgent* and *dramatic* about even the most garden variety concerns... but in amongst it there is a desire to do good, and an earnest wish to take the best care of Jims, pouring over her Morgan... and some great asides. I particularly liked 'Even Mother doesn't know, and she knows everything'.

You bring a lively character even more to life, and do it so lovingly. AND managed both actual jellied and reference to spitched eels. Bravo!
12/26/2017 c1 38oz diva
I actually went to school with a Millicent Bones, in the 80s! So I smiled when I read about yours.

Okay so you know how things seem to go in waves or coincidently go together. Earlier today someone commented about the terrific amount of snow they’d had this Christmas. I asked where they live and they said Erie PA. So then I go to see if Millicent Bone is a canon character or not and the first post I see on google is an obit for a Millicent Bones who used to live in Eire PA! What are the odds?

I was thinking, the eels are suppose to be splitched, not jellies, but you got there in the end. That was funny when Jims stuffed two pieces of eel in at once.

This eel thing has been the most fun, if I ever get served them I am sure I will laugh most heartily.
12/26/2017 c1 4OriginalMcFishie
What a delight. Really enjoyed how this fitted perfectly into cannon and included eels. Good old Jim's grabbing two and eating them at once. Loved how Rilla corresponds with Nan too, we don't see the closeness of their relationship in canon
12/26/2017 c1 74kslchen
'Pieces' indeed ;).
This was all kinds of delightful! From Rilla italics and underlinings to her somewhat rambling narrative and overly dramatic exclamations, it's spot on. She's really trying so hard to be grown up, isn't she, and never quite succeeding. There's the way she tries to stick to Morgan, but not always understanding what the book is going on about, yet being to proud to ask Susan. And her dealing with that Junior Red Cross, wanting to be a good and impartial president while being convinced she knows better, made me laugh.
Poor Miranda, not only having to prepare jellied eel (which is probably the most revolting form of eel out there) but then being forced to serve it to the others, when no-one but her father is likely to enjoy it! Rilla trying to work up the nerve to eat it, both to set a good example and so that Miranda wouldn't feel bad, was a lovely touch. But then, of course, it's Jims to the rescue! Such a good little war baby he is (and who cares what Morgan thinks, right?).
I, too, foresee more eel in Rilla's future, now that she has armed her sisters with that recipe, and it will certainly be to everyone's amusement but her own!
12/26/2017 c1 10Excel Aunt
Although I like Rilla's style as a president, I have to say, had I time and opportunity to attend that meeting, I probably would have seen the food there as a deterrent to joining this circle. Minced pies-yuck! Overbaked pastries-I may have overlooked, Jellied Eel-no, not for a snack during a meeting.

I do believe Miranda might have found something else to bring but brought something with Olive Kirk and her headstrong opinions for Eats instead. Miranda sounds very much like my mother-abiding by the law but not really embracing the spirit of it. Bring EATS Olive told her, so she did, Now, did Olive actually eat it? [Well, she should, she's the one that wanted it!]

I like how Miranda was kind enough to bring Rilla over the recipe. I personally do not know if should apply suspicion to the gesture or not.
12/26/2017 c1 14elizasky
I was in stitches from the title onward. You have fulfilled an unlikely prompt admirably, with bonus points for incorporating it into your existing universe.

Rilla's italics and underlines and italics-and-underlines were perfect, along with the profusion of punctuation. Loved her declaration that she doesn't always need to be right, it's just that she usually knows better than everyone else! I can just imagine Susan rolling her eyes over the latest does of wisdom from Morgan. "It dries out their skin, or overmoistens it (perhaps both?)" was amazing.

And good for Jims, defying Morgan, Rilla, and convention to enjoy the bounty of the local rivers. That's a good little war baby, making do with low-environmental-impact protein! Perhaps there is something in his English Anderson soul that draws him to the jellied eel. Now, I like eel but "congeal" still gave me the shivers here.

I can only imagine how much Anne and Gilbert laughed over this story when Rilla was out of earshot. Though I fear that sharing it with the siblings may result in Rilla finding an eel or two appearing at an inconvenient time in the future — perhaps at her own wedding feast.
12/26/2017 c1 1definitelynotskittles

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