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for The Sunrise of Duane Street

6/10/2019 c8 sellin'papes
This story seems to be a very dark, yet realistic take on what life was like for kids on the street during this time period, especially those who got too old to be newsies but had no way of bettering themselves. It's dealing with very grim and brutally real subject matters, but I like the way your presenting it and basically saying, yeah it's bleak but this is what it was like in turn of the century New York for the poor, not sugar coating it. It's definitely not for everyone, but I love how your developing these characters, revealing things slowly. I'm curious to know more about Celestine and Skittery's history and how the newsies have changed. Alexei seems like nothing but trouble, and I can't understand how Skittery got mixed up with him. Update soon!
5/27/2019 c1 6strangers.in.the.night
Hello I wanted to say that your writing is really good but I find this story very uncomfortable and I wish there was a warning at the beginning. I don’t mean to offend or anything this story just isn’t for me. You’re a very good writer and I appreciate the effort you put into the story it just makes me too uncomfortable.

Thank you
5/8/2019 c8 Guest
what a cliffhanger.!
4/30/2019 c7 Guest
wow! Thanks for this update, still very interested with this story and the writing is amazing, hope to see another one soon
12/21/2018 c6 Guest
Woah I just found this story and read all 6 chapters! I really really hope you decide to keep writing it! This idea is so interesting and I’ve never read anything like it before!
6/21/2018 c6 9Orange Socks and Polka Dots
Ok, I know I'm gushing but this is so original and compelling and well-written and good. The way you're pacing the story and revealing information slowly has me completely hooked. Stupid Skittery, stupid Spot, dumb boys. I'm glad you dealt with the idea of they're like 18, and had to do something other than sell newspapers. It's fascinating to think about the men they grew up to. I cannot wait for you to update this!
6/21/2018 c4 Orange Socks and Polka Dots
Such a good chapter! Poor Estelle. I think you do such a great job of capturing that the city was a really scary place at the turn of the century and her perspective is so interesting. Can't wait to find out more about how she knows Spot and where she was before the convent!
6/20/2018 c2 Orange Socks and Polka Dots
This is the most intriguing thing I've read on this site, probably ever. So unique and your writing is beautiful. Can't wait to keep reading!
6/3/2018 c6 Guest
You are an amazing writer and this is such an amazing story! I REALLY AND TRULY hope you continue it because I find myself thinking about what could happen often. I love the characters and the plot is so different than other stories. PLEASE continue and update another chapter, this is too good to not finish
5/10/2018 c6 9Mrs. Frodo Baggins
More! This has been so well written and I love a good Skittery fic, not many around!
5/3/2018 c5 Mrs. Frodo Baggins
Sarah got pregnant YIKES
5/3/2018 c4 Mrs. Frodo Baggins
Awww spot yay
2/24/2018 c6 CatherineA
Wow, I am completely hooked on this story. This is a completely new idea and I have never read anything like it! Also your writing is phenomenal! Celly's background with Skittery seems so interesting and heartbreaking. I would love to read another chapter SOON!
1/11/2018 c5 Guest
Yay! Great chapter I am excited to see what happens as Celestine revisits her old friends!
1/11/2018 c5 CatherineA
great story so far i hope more chapters come soon, i think Celestine will be a great character to find more about
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