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3/16 c15 1Miss. L 2002
I HATE DR. STEVE! He's willing to drug Cammie for 8 names on a list, but if it were to go get the remote he wouldn't put his week old tuna salad sandwich down.
I just hate that he brought her mom and the rest of the people she loves into this. That shit aggravates me (People who read my chapter 19 are calling me a hypocrite) and now he's got her sputtering and gagging and he's shooting people. I hate that he made her remember the torture, all the things that she would've been better off not knowing (this is basically a hate list) I can't believe this story is about to end!
3/16 c15 4EverAGallagherGirl
Ugh! The suspense is killing me! This is soo good! I can't wait!
3/15 c15 Dreamer0704
Ahh whod he shoot
3/15 c15 7A New Look
Is this going to the be last story in the series?
3/14 c15 Guest
Something tells me this isn't going to be good and I'm going to cry next chapter!
I want you to update but I also want a happy ending... so... ok!
3/8 c14 Dreamer0704
Wow thats intense lol I can't wait to read them
3/8 c14 2GallaghergirlsEmbassyrowFan
Cammie loves her mom and would do anything to make sure that she is alright. But this is a life or death situation. And that kind of situation that not even Cam may be able to survive.
Who will be her hero at the end Tyler or Zach?
(I'm Zammie all the way)#ZAMMIE
3/6 c13 Dreamer0704
I hope your feeling better! I can't wait for them to find Cammie!
3/6 c13 1Miss. L 2002
No need to steal it I’ll let you have it lmao xxx I don’t know I get poetic like that sometimes (*continues bragging about herself despite the fact that there isn’t much to brag about*) I feel what Zach is saying, I’m guessing there are emotions that he can’t really express because his relationship with his mother wasn’t the strongest and he was honestly mad at her, but no matter how mad he is Catherine is still the woman who gave birth to him and tried to give him a nice life by putting him in Blackthorne, so I understand Zach *tries to make another poetic sentence* He was the product of of something that was already broken *realizes that she failed epically* but yeah when Catherine gave birth to Zach she was already broken, but I believe that she made a good decision taking him to Blackthorne because at least he has a chance at a better life now. Why did Dr. Steve have to find her! He just aggravates me so much, when I realize he’s back I become seconds from throwing the phone at a wall, at least Cammie left a clue this time so help is on the way... I ran out of random things to say so I guess that’s it xxx
3/2 c12 Miss. L 2002
I'm glad I made you smile! I really miss commenting and connecting with you so I have all this energy in me ready to explode. I feel bad that they had to knock the shit out of Zach (though he really deserved it) but that moment with Catherine had me on my feet. We finally got to know about that dream Cam kept having! But at the same time you can see how broken Catherine is in this story. She understands that Zach isn't ready to accept her and she's okay with it, but she also expects him to lash out at her and unleash his anger on her, but he's actually behaving himself and she's uncomfortable with it. This line 'Catherine? No mom, or mother, or bitch? I thought you would have called me a bitch by now' I laughed a little, because I would be calling her bitch. I'm mean towards her character because she's the bad guy, but I understand her story. She got trapped into something and it pulled every good thing out of her. She went to Gallagher and instead of coming out to the light she was still trapped in the darkness. I get the light you see in her. Zach saying he has the chance to start a life with Cammie was the most adorable thing he could've ever said, I'll try to remember it all the times he screws up :) see you later maybe idrk xxx
2/28 c12 2GallaghergirlsEmbassyrowFan
No-one ever really leaves the circle. Zach is quizte upset andbi liked it when he said that he had a chance to have a family with Cam. And I think we all know now that Zach will do anything to find Cammie and yhat he will probably be the one to find her.
I didn't get what Catherine was actually trying to tell Zach, about how it was either her or Cammie. But I'm sure things will get clearer in the next chapters.
2/24 c11 1Miss. L 2002
I’m back! Dr. Steve always was a creepy little... anyways, I’m glad Cammie burnt him like the pervert chicken nugget he is, but like you said she’s missing (again) and the others can’t find her (again) that’s one of their destructive cycles, running and being chased, it’s interesting really how Ally carter came up with that framework, and you resemble her in the way that it’s always interconnected throughout the stories. Then the next chapter where Zach and Tyler fight... I know I shouldn’t have but I laughed my ass off at this part. I know I shouldn’t have but I found it funny that they were hurting each other for no reason, I mean it’s totally Tyler’s fault for making himself available while Cammie was trying to mend her relationship with Zach, but I can’t pick sides so *clears throat* Zach shouldn’t of attacked him. I still found it hilarious (and I’m probably the only one) Zach’s fight stopped being funny when he attacked Bex. It was okay with Tyler, but bex is where I draw the line. I’m just glad that Bex kicked his rear end and put him back in place, and this time I can pick sides so Go Bex! But now we won’t find Cam because Dr. Steve’s maniacal sociopathic perverted burnt chicken nugget self took the tracker out of her necklace. Sorry if this is long I missed reviewing so much. See you Wednesday xxx
2/23 c7 AllyCarterFan
Aww, I feel so terrible, I have finally got to check into fanfic again, I have been wanting to reply to you, and instead my stupid server for some reason wouldn't allow me to check out your story. I just now got it to work!
But, I am so glad, to hear you are doing better. It is definitely a shock, and it will always be difficult at first, but I guess like you said, once you've had experience, you know how to better handle it.
Aww, I am so sorry to hear that. Hopefully, this means, she is not suffering anymore...
Take care of yourself and we luv you gurl!
I don't think Dr Steve is a pervert much to sexually harass Cammie. Will she run into someone?
I agree, Cammie has always been Zach's Gallagher girl, and Zach has always been Cammie's Blackthorne boy. I wonder if Tyler or Zach is watching Cammie. Probably Tyler.
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