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12/27/2017 c1 Haseo
This trope again?
12/27/2017 c1 Student
Yo! Student here! Well I guess is a nice start for Dot Hack X DXD crossover fic, however I like to point out the good ones and the bad, so please accept it whole heartily for this review of mine will give you some helpful idea or motivation to write better fic. Let's start to the beginning, Haseo intro was pretty good opener, the fight is quite average but still nice, however Terror Gear(temp) seem a bit name copy like booster gear. Well you could at least keep name his Epitaph Gear 'Terror of Death' to sound more cool. Next topic, Haseo got rope in the date first, got killed later, then revive later routine seem a bit cliche in the first chapter(not to mention a double date with two sister seem too suspicious to ignore, Haseo is not puny you know). I'm not saying it bad, it would be more sensible if he be dying at the church battle saving Asia, for one Freed there is a freaking fighter that might be good for the fight scene then bloody dying then revive. Next part, Aura rumor child of god? Well this one I never expect for one reason, why a child of god be creating Epitaph Gear? surely she not the creator, more like created by the Epitaph Gear. If you remember the Dot hack story correctly in the beginning, you might make it a bit the same to it than DXD. Do remember that Aura is an ever evolving Goddess, always become stronger than the entity that want to destroy her, if she didn't do this, she might get corrupted like in Dot Hack Link.

Well that all, and Keep up the good work~
12/27/2017 c1 sonic
I liked the chapter!12
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