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for Poems About the Fellowship

6/30/2018 c9 48megSUPERFAN
Wow, you really managed this wonderfully, telling of the adventures Frodo had, the perils he suffered, and the friends who helped him. I especially like the bit about Gollum dancing to his death. :)
Really good poetry; nice work! :)
4/30/2018 c8 megSUPERFAN
Just Frodo left! I love how you described Merry's feelings and his adventures. :)
2/5/2018 c7 megSUPERFAN
A suggestion: Maybe you could name the chapters after the character it is? Like instead of "Chapter 1" call it "Aragorn".
1/31/2018 c6 megSUPERFAN
YAYYY a Pippin poem! I love it! :)
1/8/2018 c5 megSUPERFAN
This made me happy. Good job. :)

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