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for How I became a Monsterhunter

1/4/2020 c10 2LittleAngel2292
Great chapter I loved it so much
1/4/2020 c9 LittleAngel2292
Great chapter I loved it so much
1/4/2020 c8 LittleAngel2292
Great chapter I loved it so much omfg
1/4/2020 c7 LittleAngel2292
omfg great chapter I loved it so much
1/2/2020 c6 LittleAngel2292
Great chapter im liking this
1/2/2020 c5 LittleAngel2292
Great chapter I loved it so much
1/2/2020 c4 LittleAngel2292
good chap
1/2/2020 c3 LittleAngel2292
yikes great chapter I loved it so much
1/2/2020 c2 LittleAngel2292
1/2/2020 c1 LittleAngel2292
looks good
12/28/2019 c32 11shalimare
Oh my god! I love it! Thank you for a great great great moment to read!
Xoxo Shalimare.
6/17/2019 c23 10fandomenforcer
Damn it! Gerald would've gotten a huge laugh out of that one!
5/18/2019 c32 5PenDame
Aw! It's the end :( I totally did not see that coming!
Endings like this always make me cry lol!
I am imagining that since they didn't meet lily in the afterlife that she is still alive...? (Don't tell me otherwise...) ;)
I think my fave bit was when Lambert offers to 'help' Milli with her (ahem!) tensions... Smooth! ;)
Thank you for sharing such a lovely story and look forward to your next one :)
Wishing you all the best xx
3/6/2019 c31 1Johng23
Ok in this chapter I was VERY confused because you didn’t state WHO it was milli was talking too because it kept switching between ESKEL or LAMBERT not to mention the grammar is just all over the place
3/5/2019 c31 5PenDame
Yaaaaaay! And Arrrrrgh she asked him about calling her his ‘wife’! Hmmmmm... does this mean there might be a wedding of some sort...? :)) I love ‘grandpa’ getting all meddlesome as well!
Oh no poor Milli about the lifespan thing :( aw!
Now me being the geek I am have read about how there is evidence to suggest that DNA from Male fetuses have been seen to incorporate itself into maternal DNA (the scientific paper looked at brain tissue).. and it is thought the same happens with other organ tissues as well, given the blood brain barrier is relatively impenetrable. Can’t the same happen-ish for Milli? And that way some of the Witcher’s DNA in her will lengthen her life?
But you have to do something, after everything they’ve been through, and the little family they have formed! (Bottom lip pouting going on)
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