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for How I became a Monsterhunter

3/4/2019 c31 KyloRen'sgirl213
So I found Witcher to be a interesting game I want to try out how good is the game anyway love this story update soon but take your time with it
12/29/2018 c30 5PenDame
Omg! I really love this! I read this all in a day... couldn’t put it down!
There is something about her that is redeeming, almost healing, for him, given what a harsh existence he has otherwise lived - or been forced to live. (I love that sort of story)!
And it’s really nice that he is given the chance of a loving life, esp the chance at fatherhood and of course I love their names ;)
As for her post birth experience I think you have done a great job. It is a myth that natural delivery is completely safe and easy to recover from. Twin births are generally considered high risk and can end up with bad complications when unsupervised esp given her first labour. And ironically women who have intervention, particularly c section tend to be up and mobilising the next day because they haven’t had the same strains and pain (and frankly everything) is better controlled.
And damn I loved the face off at the Inn.. don’t mess with mama bear!
And finally (I know not all from this chapter) but some of the lines are brilliant and had me in stitches... “my ass hurts” after falling off horse... and “bear on the menu, or would you prefer asshole?” Lol!
Look forward to your next update.
Wishing you a very happy new year :)
10/11/2018 c27 1Sir Reads-elot Du lac
im not entirely sure if Milly has a serious problem. but generally woman are pretty good after naturally birth. most can walk with out aid within hours. unless their are serious complications. Caesarean is commonly more a lined with what milli is suffering as most mothers are bed ridden and very weak for a number of days to weeks afterwards
9/14/2018 c16 Sir Reads-elot Du lac
You dont appear to have pm option so im doing this via review!

After a few chapters of you witcher fic im itching to get off my tosh and finally settle on my own.
And i was wondering if i could get an opinion from ya?

Pm if yall read this please!
9/6/2018 c5 Sir Reads-elot Du lac
i love the chapters from him pov. it makes me smile cause i really wanted to write Lambert ending up with a with a kid on his hands after a law of suprise. i love that you took it a different route!
9/5/2018 c13 Sir Reads-elot Du lac
haha, im about to put down my phone. then i see the smut warning. and im like "narh i have time for another chapter
6/24/2018 c26 1Johng23
Ok I have to say if I sounded demanding I’m sorry and also those names that you chose are much better and easier to remember
6/22/2018 c26 Marmottine
That's done, Mili, Lambert and their twins are a family now, it is nice to see the witcher so happy, he had such a bad relationship with his own father that I'm sure he will be a good one himself.

I had the same thought about the babies names, they are similar to Mili that is funny. I hope the babies will not always be so calm, that would be to easy hehe. :p
6/5/2018 c25 Marmottine
Oh that's it, babies are there! \o/
Milli is a super-hero, giving birth alone without any help, and to twins!

For the name... I suck at finding names so I don't have ideas, sorry. ;)
I'm excited to see everybody meeting the newborns. And to read some dialogues between Ciri and Milli.
6/4/2018 c25 Johng23
Ok after going to google translate and looking up “little wolf” in polish I have chosen to name the boy Waly (little or buddy) and the girl Wilkra as a bastardization for Wilk (wolf) they’re a wolf pups so they’ll be named as such!
5/23/2018 c24 Guest
I’m reviewing anon because I haven’t made an account here yet. Story is amazing, and a love milli. I think you were spot on with letho too. I’ve known more than one massive scary looking guy who was a cuddly little bunny around friends. Also I vote twins because it’s funny when it happens to anyone that isn’t me. Or even triplets! (I just finished a rewatch of parks and rec, hrer triplets gave me nightmares).
5/25/2018 c23 Johng23
As for letho he sounded a little different than in my play through but all in all you wrote him better than I thought
5/25/2018 c24 Johng23
Since I can’t choose which Gender the child should be why not give them twins sure they will be overwhelmed but that’s what will make this story much sweeter plus it would be interesting seeing OVERPROTECTIVE daddy lambert with his daughter the same thing with Milli
5/22/2018 c23 Guest
I am loving this story. Milli has way more patience than I do. I want to throttle the damn elf myself lol. I can’t wait to see how the baby turns out, and find out who yelled at the end!
5/22/2018 c24 Marmottine
Oh yes, I was really excited to see the notification of a new chapter in my mailbox!
Thanks for the answer about Mili's hair, I probably just didn't remember well.
Good luck with your IRL work. Of course, we can understand don't worry. ;)

About the baby, I don't have any preference and prefer to have the surprise about what you'll choose.
About Letho I can't really help you because I didn't have it either in my playthrough, sorry. I just love how you compared him with a metal fan! I laughed imagining him on a metal concert, dancing pogo with other metal fans! XD
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