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3/19 c28 Illuminated
Great story! I liked a lot of different things you did: the bros relationship of Kurenai’s boys, Killer Bee’s dialogue, the characterization of Koharu, the nods to several of the movies, the lack of relevance of Sasuke.
3/18 c7 Illuminated
Nice Princess Bride reference!
3/17 c28 lara5170
This was good but I couldn't help constantly wondering about the fact that she was like35 years older than him . Whatever happened to Itachi?
3/7 c2 hennessyswagg83
why does every story no matter how mature or even distant Naruto is made to be from the Hokage or Jirayia in the end his immature names for them is still present in story Old Man is narrated and he's calls Jirayia as Pervy Sage at the end of probably what their first real conversation together smh
3/7 c1 hennessyswagg83
It was revealed I think in the Itachi novel that Danzo was the one that actually orchestrated the reveal of his jinchuriki status I believe when he was about 3 years old
2/19 c28 Asura.08
It is a mesterpiece
2/15 c28 devilliersikeraam
This story can't end here maybe their time in the elemental nations might be over but i think Naruto and Orochi deserve a sequel a new adventure into another reality, dimension or universe/galaxy
2/5 c16 Eh
Naruto wanting to be hokage makes no sense. I was dissapointed when he still wanted that after coming back from his training trip, it doesnt really fit with the rest of his character of wanting to be free that he also would want to be chained to a place like Konoha. And now hes getting shit for being in the right about team 9 because he needs to plays politics if he wants to be hokage, pretty much exactly what hes mad at Hiruzen for. It seems shoe-horned in and makes the story worse
2/4 c28 GoToHornyJail
One of the best out there. the dynamic between Orochimaru and naruto is unlike any other story, would read a sequel or similar story for sure
1/25 c22 LyingLiarWhoLies
sneaky bleach reference
12/15/2022 c28 Numbers261
This has been one of the best stories I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Thank you for sharing it with everyone.
11/12/2022 c28 Touhoupedia
I gotta say, I really enjoyed this but I particularly liked how you dealt with threats.
Like stomping Kumo to nothing, and even going after the surviving ninja to make sure no revenge plots would be made.
It's just the smart thing to do but I feel a lesser author wouldn't to generate drama later on when their kids are targeted by survivors or something.
11/11/2022 c2 Touhoupedia
Honestly, I actually like how this ended like yes both of them can beat Naruto and Orochimaru in a straight fight.
However in the world of shinobi one mistake can kill you no matter how good you are, and so when they made a mistake it got them killed.
11/11/2022 c1 Touhoupedia
I wanna say that Orochimaru getting pardoned is a bit much, but it DOES happen in canon even Kabuto who runs an orphanage of all things, I mean really who lets him around children after everything.
So I guess this is literally the truth being stranger then fiction.
9/30/2022 c14 Guest
Y como murió hinata me queda la pregunta
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