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1/25 c1 6Alan975
a lovely idea but the wall of text makes it unreadable
1/18 c6 5Waki Paki
Re-reading this for the dozenth time or so, and again I marvel at how well-written the characters are. The glimpses at each of their perspectives to read their unique mentalities and thoughts adds a shitload of depth to them. I'll try to explain.
In a lot of fics (including my own sometimes), characters all have basically the same personality. Sure, they may have a quirk or gimmick like getting mad at a specific phrase or event; but their speech patterns, thought patterns, general reactions and behaviors, all of them are similar to the other main characters. It belies the author's inability to make distinct characters, and instead just has "The Main Cast." This story has NO such problem, it's fantastic.
Orochimaru's character is a particular highlight. By showing her thought processes, you can see how she's twisted each scenario into a win-win for her by defining her goals. Each action carefully measured and executed to maximum effect and illustrating her satisfaction with them. Contrasting it to Hiruzen's perspective; with his suspicions and anger and sadness, it's clear how different the two of them really are. That's not even touching on all the other characters, just the most obvious ones here.
This is a damned good story, and if you're reading these reviews looking for a good Naruto fic, you've found it here.
1/15 c5 1ramsesjames05
1/14 c1 ramsesjames05
1/14 c26 Rake1810
I think this is the best Naruto story that doesn’t follow canon, which to be fair really limits the competition, and probably top 10 otherwise. Your plot, dialogue, characterization/growth and fight scenes were all superb.
1/14 c27 lord-kurama
Loved the story mate an obsessive orchi and naruto actually working through power still alot of the subelements he got weren't used alot if at all so maybe only show that he was working on them and would perfect in the near future or something..
The pre war stage was awesome and loved the part where they prepared for stuff but it didn't accour cauz something else took care of it..
The end war stage though was rushed could have been explained in a few more ch
Overall loved the story mate
1/13 c27 loulloko
This was very wholesome, this story explored some characters in ways I hadn't seen before. Very refreshing.
1/11 c5 loulloko
Yandere Orochimaru scares me.
1/11 c4 loulloko
For some reason, a female Orochimaru grooming Naruto sounds humorous to me.
1/11 c27 2Mika the Raven
God I love this fic. dopeness
1/9 c27 5madara uchiha- obito uchiha
the edo tensei is using... the edo tensei also I'm sad the story endedwipes tears))
1/9 c27 madara uchiha- obito uchiha
1/9 c26 madara uchiha- obito uchiha
tbh all this P.O.V switching been making a bit confused on some chapters
1/9 c26 madara uchiha- obito uchiha
h-h-hinata...I mean I knew she was alive but this is alot to take in. (that's what she said btw XD)
1/9 c25 madara uchiha- obito uchiha
oooohh shiiiiiii she tryna get him to use cold water again!
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