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18h c27 im not enirely sure he
Vietnamese:"First we imitated the trees, but now, we become the trees!
1/2 c28 kmate1222
Damm... been a long time since I felt this content with an epilogue. While this story might not have started out as something particularly remarkable (besides the theories! I loved them very much! I wouldn't have minded you making a few more theories.) I the end it became a story close to my heart.

Thanks for this ride! 3
12/28/2021 c2 Guest
You really have some Interesting plots my friend
The gentleman pervert one was my favorite but this is pretty good too
And hinata being in coma for 9 years was good too, except the tsunade thing.
But seriously you have unique plot lines
12/24/2021 c28 Varium
Wow hell of a ride this story has been so many emotions and heartfelt interactions honestly your a professional the characters lined up, believable progress e.g. strength of characters the relationships for one and that's really all 10/10 maybe we will get a sequel in the future
12/13/2021 c28 Guest
Just finished, your work is on webnovel btw. The give credit but they are getting "fans" or whatever. Amazing story, thank you for your work.
12/14/2021 c28 Stanislaus
I fucking loved this story! one of the very best out there! thanks a lot for this
12/10/2021 c2 1Tatsumaki Ryura
12/1/2021 c28 miro-no
this is a decent fic... naruto's exploration of jutsus and chakra were definitely the best part, even if at times it felt like a little too much for him to *accidentally* discover on his own..

a "partially *redeemed* orochimaru returns to konoha" is interesting to see as well, though kind of shallow.. her character is almost completely whitewashed on the basis of "hiruzen got her pregnant, danzo ordered those experiments." at times it's easy to forget the story is still essentially about a 52 year old psychopath grooming a 12 year old, isolated orphan; luring him in with jutsus and knowledge. sure, in the end it's naruto's choice, but that's how grooming works-you make it so he can only see one option. looking back the fic is kind of creepy...
11/30/2021 c16 Enigmation
Its funny how Naruto always gets insulted, put down etc. but he has everyone telling him he needs to forgive, to let go, to accept. Worse still, he's so accepting of this bullshit. LMAO I'm not asking for an angsty Naruto but my god have some damn self-respect. How the fuck did Neji not get his jaw knocked off with a comment on someone that died and was a "comrade".
11/14/2021 c28 qalleesyawesome
This has become one of my favourite story to have ever read! I didnt know how this would when i first started but not even halfway through the first chaptr i knew it was gonna be great! And i was not wrong! This story is so amazing and wonderful and awesome and so well written. From start to finish never have i felt to stop reading this. To go read a new story or a story that was updated. I just wanted to keep reading. Once i got to the 10th chapter, i was so sad knowing there's only 18 left but i wouldn't have it any other way! Super great story! Thank you so much for writing this! I wish you well!
11/12/2021 c11 qalleesyawesome
I didnt recognised okoye names from the previous chapters but once you said dora milaje it just click. Panthers from marvel! Love that! Cant wait to find more marvel references
11/12/2021 c10 qalleesyawesome
That was so awesome! Cant believe you brought pein so early. Amazing chapter!
11/11/2021 c7 qalleesyawesome
Turn the 1 hour to a date. Thats funny
11/11/2021 c4 qalleesyawesome
It all starts with a massage
11/10/2021 c2 qalleesyawesome
I really appreciate you making naruto not cold, i guess. Still himself just to a select few. The invisibility jutsu was super hilarious! Like drax from guardian of the galaxy.
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