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for My Completely Normal Parahuman: Tantric is Magic

10/31/2018 c19 Rothwell
Can I just say... This is amazing! :D You're amazing.

Thank you for writing.
10/23/2018 c19 SeanHicks4
Interesting plot, it flowed a little weird for me a bit though.
10/16/2018 c19 Guest
I hope you update soon. The story is too funny
9/29/2018 c19 1AngelTheDarkBlade
That last line snrkt.
9/25/2018 c19 Suzululu4moe
Oh wow that is scary wish one of them had escaped n was mutated to like yaoi instead

Poor panacea .
9/25/2018 c18 Suzululu4moe
Lol her present .

Please have her try to fix teh formula and somehow accidentally create the yaoi orientated version of squiggles .
9/25/2018 c17 Suzululu4moe
well at least she didn’t make a whole army off them yet.
9/25/2018 c16 Suzululu4moe
Foreign dna...
9/25/2018 c15 Suzululu4moe
Well at least with her around Taylor won’t be tempted to experiment with beastiality outside of tentacles .
9/25/2018 c14 Suzululu4moe
Lol just who creates them . It would be ironic if it came from panacea
9/25/2018 c13 Suzululu4moe
Makes me wonder where does Danny sleep at all. He never seems to appear even in teh background .
9/25/2018 c11 Suzululu4moe
I wonder if anyone caught that on camera . lol Taylor n panacea’s lucky break ahah clean wipes .
9/25/2018 c10 Suzululu4moe
Hmm I wonder if Danny knows. Once news goes out .
9/25/2018 c8 Suzululu4moe
Hm lisa’s Power would make her teh ultimate dom.

Hmm I wonder if sabah would be tempted to wish she was white just for a chance of those freaky empire eight eight style. Sisterhood bonding .
9/25/2018 c7 Suzululu4moe
Lol the shop assistant.

Aah the shopping trip .

N lisA’s discovery.
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