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7/4 c71 Guest
I mean if you tried to bankrupt Tommy boy he would just slaughter Gringotts
7/4 c80 Ooh yeah its PT
I am pretty sure hogwarts wards are stronger then the taboo. I mean Rowling almost certainly didn’t think of this but it makes a lot more sense.
6/25 c59 voldemort
well it differs from Rowling's style of writing, and a completely different story, because in the original chapter 11 - The Bribe, if Harry hadn't insulted Lupin, Lupin might have taken his words seriously, and was on the run, unlike the rest of the remaining Order, who remained in safe houses, he and Tonks and the unborn child would most certainly have been intercepted by Snatchers, recognized them as members of the Order, and either Cruciated both to insanity, or killed them on the spot.

Either way, Harry would have been deeply traumatized to hear the news on Ron's radio, and changed his mind about the Horcrux hunt, or he might have had trouble concentrating on the mission, on where the other Horcrux might be. As I said, one tiny thing changes the whole destined future, as seen in Cursed Child, so please enjoy J. 's book as it is, and don't waste your time making up these almost senseless fanfics.
6/23 c58 Guest
There was no editor for post book 5, like any author, Rowling believed that she no longer needed one. Though, at least it's not Twilight level errors (Thanks, das_sporking).
6/3 c23 236turbomagnus
Let's face it. The whole Tonks-Lupin relationship was a setup to put Harry in a psuedo-Sirius position of being willing to sacrifice himself for his godson Teddy like Sirius is constantly presented as 'sacrificing' by living on the run - ignore his tropical island escape as evidenced by the bird he messages Harry with at one point - and being killed by Bellatrix. After all, Sirius died to save his godson, why shouldn't you, Harry?
That is without even going into Tonks' willingness to potentially - and as it turned out to happen actually - leave her son an orphan just so she could go out and fight her aunt. ..
5/4 c40 Guest
Ohhhhh, I could read a whole story based on this!
5/4 c23 Guest
The Tonks/Remus bit seemed a little too forced, a little too "Tonks is seen as GOOD in the wizarding world so if she wants poor, infected/afflicted Remus she should have him and he should be grateful that she does".
4/25 c55 ARedHair
There's also Krum's use of torture curse on Cedric in the maze.
Had Krum learnt to cast the hex at Durmstrang?
If not how could he cast it at Cedric?
Consider the blissful feeling imparted by the imperious curse.
Could Krum (or anyone) form the required intent while under the curse?
4/21 c16 Guest
Bash bash bash bash bash.
4/16 c80 CastleTrime
Personally I believe the Taboo doesn't break protections. It simply the snatchers know someone's in the area and its not hard to break the weaker protections if you know there there. Under this logic they know someone at Hogwarts said it but they still have to go the long way to since the Hogwarts protections aren't broken.
Alternative those one Hogwarts are simply too strong for the Taboo to break.
4/16 c61 CastleTrime
Personally I believe Lily delved into dark magic to create a protection based on self sacrifice. Dumbledore didn't want to besmirch her and Harry's reputation by admitting this fact due to how most hate dark magic no matter the usage. due to this he claimed it was love which is technically was since it was love that lead to her creating it and sacrificing herself
3/31 c89 Fallow57
xxxX Kudos Xxxx : )
4/1 c72 2Nightshadow913
This is a really awesome story! But about the issue of Bill telling Harry where the Weasley's are when he's not the secret keeper, the secret could be tied to the house address rather than its owner. After all, using the fidelius to conceal the secret "the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix is located at 12 Grimmauld Place" logically shouldn't prevent anyone from saying "the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix is at Sirius' house"-it should just prevent anyone not informed by the secret keeper of learning Sirius' house's address.
3/30 c84 23LadyScatty
Best. Chapter. Ever.
3/24 c71 10slytherinlibrarymole
thank you! this has been bugging me since i first read the deathly hallows, which has been years. fanon goblins are underused everywhere except for the goblet of fire, which i think is the book that has the most fanfics taking place, with the sorcerer's stone and ten the prologue not tooooo far behind.
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